Thursday, August 25, 2016

Excerpt from Tom's manuscript that can not get out of the prison

Excerpt from Tom's manuscript that can not get out of the prison, as a whole.
Tom continues to try and send Pete Earley pages. Tom sent me a mark up of a page from his story.
Miraculously I got it see image*
Tom's own hand a page from his story
I personally want to show a picture Tom gets from "black box cuffs"( the only article I could find on these cuffs is a link to purchase them) these bruises are 3 weeks old, they were used on him for a legal visit.
I am sure Tom is not the only one suffering from this extreme abuse. Tom is a senior citizen, Yep, even if you are in prison you are still a citizen of this country. Use the addresses in previous post to demand a stop to this abuse!             In Tom's last letter he wanted me to convey to any that support him of the not so easy progress of his writing his book, his life in isolation and the sickening secrets ADX is hiding from the public. We may never know because ADX has stopped Tom from writing about the horror by saying it is a security risk! What crap! I will stop here and post his letter next time.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tommy Silverstein documentation of civil rights violation

Government  lying about "timeliness" of his complaint for stolen art and rejected manuscript. See dates of when arrived and when signed How can something be signed 3 days before it is recieved?
notice when says delivered 3 days after warden signed

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Turning The Tide Prison Mail room Message from Tommy Silverstein

This is a P.S. from Tom and I would use it (copy) it into a letter to the officials below censoring  Tom.
This goes with the letter posted just previous to this post again Tommy verbatim:
I borrowed this from Turning The Tide vol.28, Nov. 8,, July-Sept 2016 "Attention Prison Mail Room!" 
"You can not legally suppress the expression & consideration of ideas. Prison walls do not serve to  form a barrier separating prisoners from the protection of the Constitution, according to the same Turner v. Safely ruling. If you exclude printed matter on an improper basis or give a false pretense or rationale for its exclusion, merely because of ideas expressed in it, you are breaking the law. The prisoner denied access to material he wants to read & consider can bring a Civil Rights lawsuit against you with cause for seeking punitive damages. You & those who supervise you & permit or order such denial may be subject to termination of employment. Inclusion of this primer on free speech rights of prisoners makes your denial of access to such material witting & willing. In case of Police Dept. ChicagoV. Mosley, 408 US 92, 95, 92, Sct 2286, 2290 (1972) the court found that [A]bove all else, the First Amendment means that gov't has no power to restrict expression because of its message, subject matter or content"

Warden: Fox                           "Fox" is all Tommy told me
       U.S.P. Florence Admin
      P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226
Phone (719) 784-9464

Regional director Sara Revell
            400 State Avenue Suite # 800
            Kansas City, KS. 66101

Bureau of Prisons Director:  Thomas R. Kane PhD.
                        320 First St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20534

Membership of the Senior Executive Service Standing Performance Review Boards

Please help letter from Tommy Silverstein

I transcribed Tom's letter verbatim, he is having a great deal of opposition getting his writing out of the ADX  prison. Officials' names and addresses at end of post then read next post, his letter was too long and blogger cut me off.
Dear Friends & Supporters,
  Ever since Mr. Pete Earley wrote The Hot House; exposing my dire situation to the world; literally! I've received kind & caring mail from around the planet!
  It still amazes me that little book pops up & who & where I hear from.
  One of the first things people ask, after wanting to know if my conditions changed any since then (very little); is if I have ever thought of writing a book.
   After 3 decades I decided to give it a shot. I didn't before because I didn't believe I had the skill, especially compared to the greats like Pete Early. I'm not even in his league. But he was kind enough to agree helping me if I'd muster up the courage.
  Plus, I wasn't sure how much I could write about Solitary confinement. I get up at 5 am, shit, eat and sleep The End.
  However, a few things happened that fired me up & continues to add fuel to the flame burning within me!
  Now I'm compelled to reveal America's top secret prisons dirty laundry in ways never before & promise u, I won't be deterred, no matter what they put before me.
  I've been putting pen to paper ever since & discovered I have plenty to reveal. However, even though policy says I'm allowed to write a manuscript & publish it, ADX censors rejected my first 17 pages from getting out for BS "security" concerns Please see  Exhibit-A attached
  Its the "content" that they fear being exposed. This first book of its kind & about ADX. I've been facing repercussions ever since I tried to post the 17 pages.
  I'm gathering documentation, which Renee & I will continue to post as I maneuver through the land-mines surrounding me, to keep u all updated.
  This alone reveals what a sham their so-called "grievance" process is & what I'm up against & have been foe decade! Which is exactly what they do not want exposed.
  I've continued to write; more determined than ever, to let the public in on the Bureau of Prisons top secret house-of-horrors, that they prohibit public access.
  Once its revealed, yo'll understand why they do NOT allow any sunshine into this government's hell hole on earth.
  If you believe you have constitutional Right to know whats being consealed ffrom you as an American & world citizen & I have the Right according to Pell V. Procunier, 417 US 817, 822 94 set 2800, 2804 (1974), , but any restrictions must have a "valid, rational connection to legitimate penological interests; not related to the content of ideas", as ruled in Turner v. Safely, 482 US 78, 107 SCt 2245(1987) to expose it. Please help us penetrate ADX's wall of silence by sending your concerns to B.O.P. officials listed below:
Warden: Charles Daniels
       U.S.P. Florence Admin
      P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226
Phone (719) 784-9464

Regional director Sara Revell
            400 State Avenue Suite # 800
            Kansas City, KS. 66101

Bureau of Prisons Director:  Thomas R. Kane PhD.
                        320 First St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20534

Tom's letter was too long please see next blog post for his final word on freedom of speech for prisoners

Please help letter from Tommy Silverstein

I transcribed Tom's letter verbatim, he is having a great deal of opposition getting his writing out of the ADX  prison. Officials' names and addresses at end of post then read next post, his letter was too long and blogger cut me off.
Dear Friends & Supporters,
  Ever since Mr. Pete Earley wrote The Hot House; exposing my dire situation to the world; literally! I've received kind & caring mail from around the planet!
  It still amazes me that little book pops up & who & where I hear from.
  One of the first things people ask, after wanting to know if my conditions changed any since then (very little); is if I have ever thought of writing a book.
   After 3 decades I decided to give it a shot. I didn't before because I didn't believe I had the skill, especially compared to the greats like Pete Early. I'm not even in his league. But he was kind enough to agree helping me if I'd muster up the courage.
  Plus, I wasn't sure how much I could write about Solitary confinement. I get up at 5 am, shit, eat and sleep The End.
  However, a few things happened that fired me up & continues to add fuel to the flame burning within me!
  Now I'm compelled to reveal America's top secret prisons dirty laundry in ways never before & promise u, I won't be deterred, no matter what they put before me.
  I've been putting pen to paper ever since & discovered I have plenty to reveal. However, even though policy says I'm allowed to write a manuscript & publish it, ADX censors rejected my first 17 pages from getting out for BS "security" concerns Please see  Exhibit-A attached
  Its the "content" that they fear being exposed. This first book of its kind & about ADX. I've been facing repercussions ever since I tried to post the 17 pages.
  I'm gathering documentation, which Renee & I will continue to post as I maneuver through the land-mines surrounding me, to keep u all updated.
  This alone reveals what a sham their so-called "grievance" process is & what I'm up against & have been foe decade! Which is exactly what they do not want exposed.
  I've continued to write; more determined than ever, to let the public in on the Bureau of Prisons top secret house-of-horrors, that they prohibit public access.
  Once its revealed, yo'll understand why they do NOT allow any sunshine into this government's hell hole on earth.
  If you believe you have constitutional Right to know whats being consealed ffrom you as an American & world citizen & I have the Right according to Pell V. Procunier, 417 US 817, 822 94 set 2800, 2804 (1974), , but any restrictions must have a "valid, rational connection to legitimate penological interests; not related to the content of ideas", as ruled in Turner v. Safely, 482 US 78, 107 SCt 2245(1987) to expose it. Please help us penetrate ADX's wall of silence by sending your concerns to B.O.P. officials listed below:
Warden: Charles Daniels
       U.S.P. Florence Admin
      P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226
Phone (719) 784-9464

Regional director Sara Revell
            400 State Avenue Suite # 800
            Kansas City, KS. 66101

Bureau of Prisons Director:  Thomas R. Kane PhD.
                        320 First St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20534

Tom's letter was too long please see next blog post for his final word on freedom of speech for prisoners

Friday, June 24, 2016

open letter from Tommy Silverstein

Add captionTom's letter our art can be seen 
Here's what it says
Dated 06/15/2016
" Hi Friends & supporters
I'm Tom Silverstein& would like 2 thank u-all so veery much 4 your concern & keeping informed w/ my plight. It truly helps my morale & gives me strength 2 carry on!
As some of u may know Renee is my better half & helps us all posted & has stuck w/ me for several years! So please help support her wonderfully unique card art, that'll help us afford a long awaited visit & be together!
Thanks again 4 hangin' n there w/ us!
                 Your Pal,

Saturday, May 21, 2016

ADX steals Tommy Silverstein's art and manuscript

There is nothing that ADX won't do to stop Tommy from telling his story.
After many years of concerned and caring folks asking Tommy to finally tell his story & let the public really know what’s going on for the past 32+years in isolation, I will transcribe his words in the first person as he has written it to me.

Tom started writing his story, chapter 1 was not allowed out for “security” reasons; Tom paid for certified postage, to be sent to Pete Earley the author; Almost a month and a half went by with no return receipt, so Tom began to write the censor what are called COPOUTS, to find out what happened to his manuscript. It took the SIS or censor at least a week to tell Tom that it had been “confiscated”. Now another month later he is told the manuscript is “lost”, the censor said she “sent it back to him”, well “surprise, surprise” he didn’t get it. And he was finally told it was rejected because he “describes procedures, ha ha, what BS. . God forbid if folks know how I’m cuffed when I leave & enter the cell” Tom then muses “They show all that on Lock-up but ADX is different? Ha ha we know that’s not the real reason”

 Now if that wasn’t enough 3 of Tommy’s drawings were also “confiscated” for containing “gang related” material, Tom has no idea what they mean by “gang related” even asking them “What’s gang related?”, She “wouldn’t” say, so Tommy asked. “What can’t I draw, so they stop stealing my art?” She the SIS/censor said “You know” (here he draws little confused face) “I have never drawn gang related stuff, for this reason, but suddenly now these new SIS techs claim my 3 drawings are “full of it!!”  That’s why I know its BS because I don’t do it, is why they are making it up. (angry face) Tommy describes the drawings; one drawing is a dark, black and white evil depiction of ADX. Another is a female warrior & last is a Geisha with a dragon on her kimono.
Tommy’s currently appealing these “thefts & retaliation”, (I agree with him, there’s no real reason except to steal his art), for trying to expose the depravity of ADX and what he is subjected to.

Tommy spends weeks on a drawing putting his heart and soul into it and for it to be taken from him for bogus reasons is sick and twisted.
My question to readers is Have any of you ever seen any of Tommy's art depicting anything remotely gang related?
One of Tommy's recent drawings to me


Tommy says to tell you we will keep you all posted. I’ll post copies of his appeals so you all can read it for yourselves.

Tommy is shaken up and angry, I get angry reading it and rereading it, trying to think of how I can help.

Tommy has not asked for help but I got so mad I wrote the Director of the BOP. No reply not a surprise.  The key to writing any prison authority is do not ask a question, if you ask a question they will send you a form letter citing a rule. I tell them what I am appalled by, insisted upon an investigation.

Here’s his address.

Thomas R. Kane, Ph.D.
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First St., NW
Washington, DC 20534 

Phone:(202) 307-3198

Per the BOP inmates are allowed to write a manuscript 5350.27


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Death of Robert Knott Tortured to death

Guest writer Carol Strick

Transcribed by me.

Carol asked me to post this the truth about Robert’s death.

I sent her The MarshalProject’s article and this is her reply:


Robert Knott didn’t die from “indifference”. He died from the constant and severe mental and physical torture to which he was constantly, subjected to from the B.O.P. He was a victim of poverty, racism, and abuse. He was without a support system of any kind. He spent his youth in Foster care, juvenile detention centers and jails.


When Robert was 3 years old his mother shot and killed her husband. Some time after that she met a man. she had 2 more children. Robert wasn’t born Robert Knott. He was born Robert Gerald Orr. After his mother split with Orr she gave her sons the name Knott the name of her older children.


Robert was a young man when he and a friend, Jeff, went on a “crime spree”. They traveled through 3 states ending up in Oregon with a hostage Dana Bridges. Confronted by police; a shoot out occurred and the cops shot and killed both Dana and Jeff.


From the time he was arrested and ultimately sentenced to do time in Marion, IL, before ADX was built. Marion was a hellhole like ADX and from the beginning; Robert was singled out for abuse. Probably the guards were picking up the baton from the cops that killed Dana and Jeff.


Robert was lonely, talented, warm, friendly, kind and concerned. He sent me long descriptive letters. He called me “Ma” or “mom”. I called him “sonny boy” or “Roberto”.

For many years we wrote to each other a few times a week. These letters were hardly what one would expect from a man with “severe mental problems”.


In April 1994 I answered an ad in a zine; “Bayou la rose”, that was published in Tacoma, Washington, the ad said “Indian artist seeks penpal”, I am an artist; I wrote to him. He answered with a letter and a drawing Tunkasila (grandfather). He sent more letters and more drawings. The subjects were often pride at being an Indian (native American). The drawings turned into depictions of torture. Robert the Indian, was tortured by the state. I was amazed by all of this because I realized you had to live that life to draw it. Sometimes he drew women. He wanted a girlfriend. I put ads in the tribes newspaper hoping to attract a young woman who would write to Robert.


I don’t know what happened in 2002. It seemed as though Robert was writing a little less frequently and then I received a letter from his friend Scott saying that Robert was extremely upset that they were taking him back to Springfield; the Federal mental facility. Scott sent me an address where I could write Robert.


For the next few years I noticed Robert’s handwriting changing and his fine motor coordination was gone. He was not the same person. Who knows what happened in Springfield; experiments with psychotropic drugs, shock treatments? For all we know lobotomies; whatever they did they wanted hid from the coroner. It was 2 weeks after; in September 2013, 2 weeks after he passed away, I received a phone call from a man who identified himself as Rev. Henderson from ADX. He said he phoned to tell me that Robert Knott had died. I asked him how it happened. He said that Robert committed suicide. I thought to myself, “If he killed himself you led him to it”. He added that I was the only person Robert wanted notified in an emergency that made sense. He knew I loved him and that I would expose the cruelty to which he was constantly exposed.


I asked Rev. Henderson if he notified the tribe, He answered “What tribe?” He didn’t know enough about Robert to know he was an Indian? I called the tribe. I had contacted them many times in the past years on Robert’s behalf.


The tribe called the prison. On the 3rd day of calling the prison answered!. They sent his body to Winnebago in Nebraska.


A few days after his Robert’s body arrived his half sister phoned me. She knew from her mother, that she had 2 half brothers. She was sorry she hadn’t met them. She asked me to come to the funeral but it was expensive to fly to Nebraska.  I was happy they made me an honorary pallbearer.


In March 2014, I received a letter from an “uncle” of Robert’s the uncle wrote that he was glad the prison was able to contact Robert’s “birth” family.

In 2016 the “family” settled for $175,000. from the B.O.P. for Robert’s death. The uncle’s out of nowhere letter suddenly made sense.

“We are all connected t the earth. Every part of the earth is sacred to my people. The perfumed flowers are our sisters and the deer, horse, bear and the eagle these are our brothers”… Robert Gerald Orr Knott”

Rest in peace Sonny Boy.

I send my Love


Other links for Carol Strick, Art in the lives of prisoners, Art.

Robert’s art is courtesy of Carol Strick.
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Robert's cry for help mail and art are extremely important to these isolated prisoners I will discuss this further in future post

the torture depicted in Roberts Art as Carol wrote


Letter from Robert to "Ma" Carol.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Tommy Silverstein letters for sale A disclaimer

My name is Tom Silverstein.
please beware that an ex-penpal of mine (as of now)
since I just learned, is trying to sell one of my kites I wrote to her for $100.00
Please do not help these snakes profit from my kindness in responding to their initial kites.
Her name is Annie Reese and another named Heather
If anyone wants 2 buy a kite, please save yourself $100. and write me personally postage is .49 Emoji
write me at: Tom Silverstein # 14634-116, D306
U.S.P. A.D.X.
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO. 81226-8500
Please note Tom refers to mail, letters and correspondence as Kites.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Torture in isolation illustration

I am so excited, so is Tom, not only is there a lawsuit against B.O.P. Julia Roberts will star and produce ADX, a movie about the torture of isolation.  In an earlier post and in a Solitary Watch article Tommy describes how prisoners are subjected to 4 point restraints. Tom wrote that a prisoner is handcuffed nude to a cement slab, sprayed with mace,  The portrait is an original by Tom, that he drew while in "The Hothouse life inside Leavenworth", U.S.P. Leavenworth. I hope this lawsuit will finally bring relief if not an end to isolation!!
4 point restraint

Also Tommy was recently moved back to D-unit which houses mostly mentally ill prisoners.
So yet another setback for Tommy. As he puts it; just another way to torture him and isolate him more. He has stopped even leaving cell for "recreation" Tom's, In spite of this Tom is in good spirits, no doubt because of lawsuit, meeting with the lawyer is a visit. He is able to see and talk to a person.
Thank you
please keep Tom in your thoughts and prayers
And wish attorney Aro luck, and Julia Roberts.
Thank you for reading please share.
I pray for all involved in this situation, SO MANY EFFECTED BY THE CRUELTY AT ADX

Friday, January 15, 2016

"A Patch of Sky" The Hole at ADX Have they broken Tommy Silberstein?

Here is a letter I got from Tommy in September he spent 3 months in the hole, he still has not received his punishment. Again all I see is Tom's resilience and the cruelty of our government.

We know what the inside of an ADX cell looks like

Tom  was recently taken to the hole; this is what he describes

"I came to the hole yesterday afternoon & it’s a sick place to be. I'm on a 12 cell tier & as I was walking to my cell I glanced into cells to see if I knew anyone & it looked like something from a horror movie, because it's really dirty & some cells are stripped bare w/ just a cement block n the middle w/ metal rings cemented 2 the cement block bed so they can chain prisoners down in 4 point restraints.

  My cell was filthy & still has dried excrement stains that someone had obviously thrown through the bars at the door, but I can't reach the door to clean, so the stink still lingers

  ADX is  peppered w/ cells that some prisoners tear up after driven insane/or to the brink; since its no easy feat to smash concrete from its foundation & then into ice cube size stones w/ bare hands. You have a picture of my cell so imagine the rage & insane strength it takes to literally rip the desk, stool & T.V. stand off the wall, along w/ the small shelf under the bed, then bust out the window.  I'm in a cell that's been torn up like that; so the desk & stool have been replaced w/ just a single block of cement w/a small desk top

that's a wee bit larger than this writing paper w/ an attached seat. Now there is no shelf under the bed. It's a cement block.  But the most troubling aspect I find ;
I find & unusual from the other destroyed cells I've been in, is the huge chunks out of the floor! I can almost sense the enormous amount of rage spent pounding hopelessly, w/ all one's might, to no avail!

  We (prisoners) must pay for all damage to gov't property, so that reveals another aspect of how far they were pushed beyond the point of return to knowingly cause $1000's of dollars of damage & likelihood of never going to store again. Because they take all $ until it's paid in full.

As I write it sounds like a human zoo/madhouse w/ some guys screaming, others banging, many shouting  n various dialects, languages and urban vocabulary to be heard from distant cells so they'll be heard by the fool that they've been yelling back & forth to for literally hours.

  This is sadly my lot, for no telling how long? Not that I give a damn...."

 Turned out to be 4 months; he comments that his 30 years good behavior the B.O.P has "chalked it up"
as being due to the harsh restrictions they subject me to while continuing to punish me for good behavior..., I'm sick of their lies & phony programs that don't mean a thing.
I'm especially sick of alllll the crap I'm unable to mention...
Do you ever feel like saying *to hell w/ everything'?...”

Then after 2 days he wrote “ my shower is the best I’ve ever had since I’ve been here. The water temp is perfect. It sprays out just  right & has lots of pressure usually its either too hot too cold & the water feels like someone peeing on you or like a mist. Plus! my window I don’t see any rec cages & its not screened  off  on the top . It’s a large empty cement space w/ a huge wall & I’m able to see a big patch of sky”
How humbled I felt with tears streaming down my hot cheeks "A patch of sky"
Wow, I make sure to look at the sky for him everyday and appreciate my shower. He is out of that hole and back in regular cell, so I know there is no sky and the shower stinks.
After the horror of the holidays; Thanksgiving through New Year, the petty things we whine and bitch about. Here is a man that shook me out of the narrow-minded self-centered ungratefulness to be thankful for a "patch of sky"
Thank you


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Torturing the isolated continued

At the end of this story I literally gasped. Please read the whole story here
A mouse and a murder
Here  is an excerpt:

" I had written a complaint against a SHU officer (for all the no good it would do) days before Mouse was killed, and in the days that followed he would let me know that it was he who had done the deed. I had known it immediately anyway, before he began taunting me about my friend’s bloody death.
On top of the sadness I felt over the loss of my buddy, I was angry in a monumental way, the Irish in me working its curse through a fiery temperament. I thought about making a counterattack on the man in blue who had murdered Mouse to punish me for writing what was a totally truthful complaint, but in the end I chose to handle the blow without riposte rather than get myself in serious trouble by serving the cop the comeuppance that he rightly deserved. Back then, in my younger and more foolish days, I did not always make this sort of smart choice: I did not always let an injustice or misdeed be served up to me without seeking to make the one who had served it wish to God that he had not, no matter what the consequences of the payback might be.
But we live and learn, and if we are smart we gain some wisdom along the way. I like to think that I have.
A complaint about one's treatment and going through correct channels usually leads to retaliation. I have written before about complaining about very late mail weeks to a month old then after complaint I receive mutilated mail, and I am a free  person.

Thank you for reading if you have a story please leave comment

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Torturing the isolated has deadly consequences

Robert L. Hoffmann was the 2nd C.O. killed October 22, 1983.
And a quote from his obituary on the B.O.P.  web-site is "While it is believed that inmate Fountain was inspired by the killing of Officer Merle E. Clutts earlier that same day in the same unit, this murder was determined to be unrelated." So let's start looking at that fact.

The first, that day was Merle E. Clutts, Tom Silverstein's side of the story is that it was a personal beef between the 2 of them. Hopefully, over the next few days or weeks I am going to find other prisoners that were isolated and were tortured to such extremes they lashed out
Now go back to the death of Vern M. Jarvis January 26, 1969
He decided to punish and torture a man who was already being punished and tortured by taking away his candy, fruit, and magazines; Clutt's had taken away Tom's art supplies, threatened to kill him...we know the story, ( the story no one cares about).

I have a son that is a public servant so the words "Killed-in-the-line-of-duty" are chilling, sad and painful. But if a fire fighter set a fire that took his life, there is no scapegoat. If a fire fighter chooses to shut the door on someone needing help, he'd be a monster, that's not his job. A fire-fighter job is to rescue, a C.O.'s job is to guard, C.O.s need to remember their jobs. Not add dictator, sadist, and instigator to their jobs.
My opinion from these fractured one-sided stories, is that some CO.'s get pleasure or kicks from torturing people already tortured and losing their minds in isolation.
What we see more of is people hurting themselves as they are brutally tortured mentally and physically. Recently at ADX a prisoner was not receiving his mail, I can not talk about all that happened suffice to say With-holding the mail has been their favorite, one part is pure laziness of the person appointed to pick it up and carry it to the prisoner. These people are treated so much like animals it does not matter if they get their mail.
Mail is a story all by it self.
It's late I have some research.
Good night thank you for stopping by

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Words can not express

This is a new piece of art from Tommy.
The anguish he hears. Again in a  letter he describes the screams of a man that can be heard from 2 tiers away. I continue to ponder how Tom endures.
The medium is ink. He is allowed the guts of an ink pen which he wraps in paper towel to grip the pen. Amazing what is expressed in this 5x7" work of art.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

From the Boston Globe

Colorado prison ‘a high-tech version of hell’
An excerpt from The Boston Globe article

In a sworn statement as a part of a separate lawsuit filed against the Bureau of Prisons in 2011, Thomas Silverstein , who has spent more than three decades in solitary confinement after killing a guard at another federal prison, testified to the deprivation of going years without seeing “a single tree, a blade of grass, or any sign of nature.”
He described the outdoor recreation area at the ADX — where he can take 10 steps in either direction and 30 steps if he walks in a circle — as similar to standing “inside of a deep, empty swimming pool.”
“I couldn’t see any of the mountains, even though I knew they had to be close by,” he said.
He added: “Other than infrequent haircuts, strip searches, and medical examinations, the only physical human contact I have experienced in 28 years is when BOP officers handcuff me and escort me.”

Thursday, April 2, 2015

From Richard Hartley

I've added Richard's comment to me, because like so many prisoners, after decades they are not the same as they were when they were young. Tom Silverstein is not a 20 year old angry kid anymore. He's done his time and some. I am a different person from what I was a young woman, physically and mentally we all change.
Tom should be allowed out of isolation and into a step down program like everyone else.
Here's Richard's comment:
""Resilience" is a under statement of His mental capacity.Some human beings have a Strength that is unbelievable and  that's T.
From what he has "endured" is amazing and remarkable...Thats what intrigued me to respond seriously.I want a opportunity to get to know him."
To Richard: You will be glad to know him. He is amazing. Thank you


Friday, March 20, 2015

Book recommendation The Art of Worldly Wisdom by Baltasar Gracian

Tom has shared some passages from the book he's reading, he recommends it.
I say if it is a help to Tom where he's at, I take notice. He is truly unique because he survives this pit, this gray box existence. He has said "I'm not going to let them win" So that's part of his resilience.

Here are the passages he wrote out for me:
"...In the one case that confidence may not fall asleep, and the other that it may not be dismayed. For a thing to remain undone nothing more is needed than to think it done. On the other hand, patient industry overcomes impossibilities. Great undertakings are notto be brooded over, lest their difficulty when seen causes despair..."
"Peaceful Life, a Long Life

To live, let live. Peacemakers not only live: they rule life.
Hear, see and be silent. A day without dispute brings sleep without dreams.
Long life and a pleasant one is life enough for 2: that is the fruit of peace.
he makes nothing of what is nothing to him. There is no greater perversity than to take
everything to heart. There is equal folly in troubling your heart about what does not concern you
and not taking to heart what does."

he meant these for me because I am troubled upset and do not sleep mostly because of what I can not change; Tom's situation for one.

Happy reading if this has helped anyone out there please leave a comment.
 Tom has told me he's creating right now...drawing I hope to have new art to show off soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Only in America by Tommy Silverstein

I have transcribed Tom's hand written article. Tom is not allowed a type writer even for legal work.
Only in America

by Tom Silverstein
December 4th 2014

In life, I feel, there are some things that one can never understand in any meaningful sense without firsthand experience; and no amount of verbalization or philosophical talk can ever do justice to describing the way one feels when it comes to such ordeals. My experience of extreme seclusion with no human or meaningful interpersonal socialization for three decades, I believe, is just one of those things that only I will ever fully comprehend. It has been something so horrifying to the human mind that the only even remotely comparable parallel I can imagine is to be literally buried alive, not for a day or a year, but for an entire life time.

I alone truly know how terrifying to the human psych this endless utterly barbaric torture has been and yet, since taking the matter to the courts; I have had to suffer through the stench of pontifical puke as I never imagined a rational mind could spout.
How is it that these sheltered, robe wearing, juridical casuists could sit up on their high horses and explain away the 31 years of mental excruciation that I have endured day by unrelenting day as though they could relate to it and therefore knew it to be neither cruel nor unusual? To me at least, is as high a height of hypocrisy as one could ever ascend.
In detailing how 31 years of no-human contact solitary confinement feels, the most recent opinion(from the 10th circuit court of appeals) dismissively swept aside any lack of interpersonal socialization I've experienced, by explaining that, indeed, I've had contact all along with prison officials  on a daily basis when, for example, they have brought my meals (or exercised their authority over me in a manner that called for physical propinquity, like during thousands of strip searches when they eye ball my anus after forcing me to spread my ass-cheeks and jiggle my genitals).
Forget the fact that these people were extremely antipathetic and openly hateful towards me, the most reviled guard-killer in the B.O.P.<(bureau of prisons), just the fact that were real humans who I could, in theory at least, talk to, was enough in the mind of the court to disprove my claim of no-human-contact. And this insensibility to the true (antagonistic) nature of those guard-killer/prisoner hater relationship exemplifies just how out of touch with reality the court really was. It is beyond ludicrous to suggest that my isolation from human contact was alleviated by the contact I had with the very people who were turning the screw on my mental rack, day after agonizing day. This was not "Human Contact". It was 'Dehumanizing contact'. And far from lessening the effects of my isolation, it exacerbated them because these people competed with each other to see who could rattle my cage the loudest (so to speak).
Another primary factor relied upon by the court in justifying my treatment was the numerous times I was "evaluated" by mental health professionals. Never mind the fact that virtually every single one of these so-called evaluations consisted of nothing more than a half-minute "Hi how are you?" to which I'd give the standard albeit meaningless, reply of "Fine". And having "examined" me in this fashion over a period of years, Dr. Denny informed the court that he was quite impressed with my apparent resilience in maintaining my sanity under such extreme conditions of confinement.
Ironically, it was this opinion by Dr. Denney regarding my "resilience" that the court fixated on in rejecting my claim of cruel and unusual punishment, implying that it was my own ability to withstand the torture that prevented it from being cruel and unusual.
In other words, prison officials may feel free to torture one as much as they want as long as the individual is strong enough to bear it.
To me, the entire opinion really begs the question of just how far prison officials can go in their inhumanity to man before the 10th circuit will call it "cruel and unusual"?
Consider, for example, the  following quotation from the court
       We have held corrections officers are responsible under the eighth amendment "to provide          humane conditions of confinement by ensuring  inmates receive basic necessities of adequate food, clothing shelter and medical care and by taking reasonable measures to guarantee the inmates safety."
I saw a futuristic movie on the SYFY  Channel recently, about a space based Supermax prison where prisoners were maintained in a state of suspended animation hooked up to nutrition tubes and cryogenically preserved for the length of their sentences. This, or even Neil and Leo's Bubble-Chamber existence in the Matrix, would pass Constitutional muster under the Tenth Circuit's cruel and unusual punishment standard. Food, clothing, shelter, medical care and safety-the "minimal civilized measures of life's necessities"- if that is all the Constitution requires then we are truly not far off from induced vegetative unconsciousness as a Constitutionally acceptable form of punishment.
The point I'm trying to make is that my case shows quite clearly that when it comes to prisoners; the courts define humanity primarily in relation only to human body and essentially disregard the human mind altogether. My being isolated from everyone but those who have openly hated me for 31 years; was not a factor as far as the court was concerned. Indeed, they even went so far as to say this proved  I was not deprived of human contact. How out of touch with reality does one have to be to even imply such an absurd notion? It really is one feature of the court's opinion that I will never be able to read without complete stupefaction. As if the only thing that prevented these people from giving hug was the bars of my cell. I'm trying to think of a common example from everyday society that remotely exemplifies the degree of stress a human mind experiences from purely hate-based interactions- the tyrannical boss, the mentally abusive spouse, the irate mother-in-law; such things, while truly unpleasant and stressful, do very little justice as frames of reference to my unique experience as an object of perpetual animosity .In no way am I suggesting that anyone (perhaps myself most especially) is constitutionally entitled to kindness or sympathy in any form. Passionless professionalism is perfectly appropriate for a prison guard. But my situation included quite the opposite of that. Instead of no passion at all, there was passion a-plenty; heated, hateful and malicious. Quite often accompanied by a great many spit-laced meals, a myriad amount of other spiteful vicious antics designed purely to antagonize me.
For the court to say the eighth amendment entitles me only to be kept alive with adequate food, clothing, shelter, medical attention is one thing. That may, indeed, be the extent to which our maturing society has progressed with its evolving standards of decency since the constitution's creation. (The Supreme Court's "cruel &unusual" measurement standard). And had the court stopped right there in its opinion of (how my life has felt), I would be far less incensed on this issue. But for the court to go from there, all the way to the absurdity of saying that the very people who have openly and actively reviled me every single day, , equal by essence of their presence, some sort of consolation to my isolation, bespeaks a level of misunderstanding so profound as to defy any attempt to explain it.
Only in America will you find a court conscientiously averse  to espousing such sophisticated hogwash. And only in America will you find a government system so engorged with hubris and inflated with its own self-righteousness that it can not apprehend the degree of hypocrisy it takes to dish out the sort of torture I've endured with its one hand; while simultaneously using the pointed finger of its other hand to accuse the rest of the world of human rights violations that pale in comparison to its own. And when the duplicity of this "Sweet Land of Liberty" is exposed, "America the beautiful"; will simply change its stripes to fit whatever occasion it seeks to justify.
Consider, for example, the recent expose from Amnesty International entitled "Entombed: Isolation in the U.S. Federal Prison System" . In this scathing critique of the U.S. regarding its violations of international treaties (including the United Nations convention against torture and other  cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights 'ICCPR'), Amnesty International, after detailing at length America's solitary confinement human rights atrocities, went to note that:
The USA  has sought to limit its obligation under article 7 of the ICCPR and article 16 of The Convention Against Torture, by entering reservations upon ratification of treaties stating that it considers itself bound by article 7 and 16 only to the extent "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" means the "cruel and unusual punishment" prohibited under the U.S. Constitution.
In other words, what the rest of the world calls "torture", and what to them is "cruel, inhuman and degrading", may be cruel, but certainly not "unusual" for the U.S., because we are always "usually", doing it. And since eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not prohibit what is only "cruel" unless its "unusual" as well, as long as the U.S. keeps doing it; it will never be unconstitutional. So whether it be an hour's worth of waterboarding, or 31 years worth of extreme no-human contact entombment, in America it will never amount to what the rest of the world calls "torture", so long as its par for our course of cruelties.
But only in America

Friday, February 20, 2015

Tom told me about a show America's book of Secrets

Secret Prisons

Premiere Date:May 03, 2014
Go inside the maximum-security world of America's "secret prisons" and unveil their hidden agendas and covert operations. With about one in every one hundred and seven Americans serving time, why are there more people incarcerated in the United States than any where else in the world? Bob Hood, the former Warden at the United States Administrative Maximum Facility reveals what life is like for prisoners inside the gates of what is considered the most secure prison in America. Former inmate Andrew Stepanian reveals details of his lock-up at the Communication Management Unit, a prison that holds some of the country's greatest security threats. Director of the ACLU National Prison Project David Fathi describes the "Kids for Cash" scandal and the under-the-radar Debtors' Prisons. And former Warden Daniel Vasquez explains the big-business surrounding private prisons and FEMA Camps

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aging in the B.O.P.

Tom has been given a diagnosis concerning his hands, I am upset.

Dupuytren Contracture I told him to not accept it. I am asking for any reading this to send some encouragement to him. here is another beautiful drawing he did for me.

Health care as most know is a joke for prisoners of the B.O.P.
Recently Tom had a doctor put drops in his ears Dr. said he'd be back to take them out
The Doctor never came back.
Tom has suffered so many ailments that are never addressed or it take years not days or months to
be seen by a Doctor. Whether medical or emotional there is such lack for prisoners; and the aged are treated cruelly.
Tom witnessed a very elderly prisoner being taken from his cell, the man's stiffness and pain as they tried to cuff him up to take him out. Tom was very upset as he described the incident to me.

Some of Tommy's art can be purchased from me
please inquire * sadly if sold none of the proceeds go to Tommy.
Anyone can help with Tom's support, he has relied on "pals" over the years to help him with stamps personal items etc...
Please enjoy his art; and pray for his hands. Please pray for him and write to anyone that might help in his relief from isolation.
If you write Tommy and do not hear back from him please do not get discouraged his hands are an issue funds are an issue.
thank you for reading.
*if any of the links do not work please let me know. 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Gallery of Tommy Silverstein's Art

A big part of Tommy Silverstein's life has been art. Slowly through the years he earned himself privileges included having the art supplies he needed. Upon his transfer to Florence, All privileges have been taken away and he has no art supplies. Here are some of his past works.

Update January 2015: Since FFUP posted this Tom and I found sharing our art a real form of love , creativity and therapy. He never has started painting again but past to me the techniques he uses. And his medium is mostly pencil and chalk. BUT NOW  the B.O.P.  has taken  away the privilege of him sharing his art with me or anyone. Now they say after 5 years of allowing it, that he can not send art to someone not on his visiting list.
Now in order to be on his visitors list you have to have known him before incarceration.
The new warden (his name escapes me atm) may make an exception for me.We hope and pray.

 after reading this, you would like to help him join the general prison population, contact Tommy directly or write or email FFUP. Addresses below. If you do decide to write Tommy, feel free to use our PO Box for your address. Just be sure you give us your real address so we can forward his letters to you. Also, we are always available to answer questions or provide support as needed.
Tommy Silverstein 2-13-030-L;14634-116 USP Max; Box 8500; Florence, CO 81226
FFUP(Forum for Understanding Prisons); PO Box 285; Blue River, Wi 53518

more art

Panda art
panda art link

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prisoner survives more than 10,000 days of isolation

From Solitary Watch  to the Huffington Post, West World, the list reporting on isolation grows
More and more isolation. Then there's
Tommy Silverstein waiting for 31 years to be allowed out of isolation if "they" can keep him that long; where's the hope for the rest? He hasn't gone crazy, mutilated or killed himself so "they" think that isolation is ok. Pray for Tommy Pray for this country stay informed, raise your voice against this injustice, We are citizens of this country even if we are in prison.

I have become desensitized to the stories of those in for 24 hours, 30 days, 90 days because for Tom Silverstein its their stories x 363 more probably He's been isolated for more than 10,000 days. I believe until he's out of isolation no one else will be safe from it After all "they" see Tom and say "see its ok, people can survive it, its not torture"
Solitary Watch and others have done the story of the new Supermax Thomson prison, a currently disused facility in northwest Illinois. click Solitary Watch link to see full story.
Do I have suggestion, or resource? No I'm completely broken down mentally by the futility that is Tommy Silverstein's unending torture. My mind can not truly wrap around what he continues to endure I would love suggestion, petition anything to get him into the step down program all other prisoners at ADX are allowed. Please write me at attn: Tommy Silverstein
Thank you for reading please write your elected officials something I do constantly for 5 years and never ever have gotten responses.

So this is "recreation" at ADX

 Outside recreation if the C.O.' feel like it. Recreation is not always guaranteed
There is nothing that relates to outside, no grass, no tree, no anything yet a break from the isolated cell is a welcomed moment for him.
Tommy is out there completely alone. He is not allowed to be in that cage if another man is out there.
He tells me he walks in a tiny circle, can see snow sometimes and see the sun
Next we have indoor rec.
I think that thing is a pull up bar.


    Ok prison is punishment, its the separation from society for correction. Where is the correction if some never get to return to population or society?

Friday, November 7, 2014

Where ever You Go There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn: a book review

Tom was given this book and more meds to treat his symptoms all of which are caused by more than 3 decades of torture here are his extensive thoughts regarding the book he was given:
* this is written in his own words using some colloquial  language
** no offense to the writer of said book just pointing out this is not the place for this book

A Scalding Critique of Psych Book Review:

and the phony “treatment programs” provided ADX  prisoners

By Tom Silverstein

Ms. Moody Psych Dept. 09/05-2013


This paper is for the psychology programming credit offered if we (prisoners) submit a1-2 paper essay on a book the unit psychologist recommends for us to read to supposedly “help with what ails” me/us.


Ms. Moody, my assigned Psychologist, sent me “Wherever you go there you are” (true title) by John Kabot-Zinn. After discussing my psychological deterioration; she said that she was unable to help with my more severe ailments; But would refer me to psychiatrist for psych med. Which she did; My Fluoxetine was doubled from one 20mg cap to two w/ the same result as the one. It doesn’t do anything but increase my lackadaisicalness.  She, however, assured me that she can help through her and me discussing my other issues:

i.e.; they refer to it dubiously as “Anxiety” like a nervous teenager going on his first date; I know it’s caged rage , panic attacks, insomnia, memory loss, loss of concentration, extreme depression, etc etc; all intensified by staff harassment i.e.; withholding mail for weeks, refusing to allow visits with close friends that I’ve corresponded with  and called the past 10-30 years, reason given I didn’t know them prior to incarceration: 1975, even though they qualify otherwise. As do I for the exemption to the prior incarceration rule, because: 1. I’ve not had a non-legal visit in over 5 years 2. I live out of state 3. Have been in prison 38 years, so most folks I knew are dead or no longer in touch. I’m haunted by doing 3 Life sentences + 45 years and will never see the wonderful friends I love and miss very much! Nor will I ever leave ADX; except in a body bag; along with all the rest that spores from this cesspool of inhumanity, that masquerades as administrators/medical staff/psyche dept. /religious ministries/educators, who constantly inflict us in one way or the another.


I wont elaborate on the sadistic Sadist who feed off of other people’s misery. I only want to elucidate why Ms. Moody sent aforementioned book. After reading it, I expressed to her; I relate to a few parts (I will elaborate on this later)but for the most part it left me empty and feeling more discouraged, frustrated, depressed, hopeless and helpless! Because it is akin to giving a dying cancer patient a Bible (of any denomination) assuring them; all they need to do is pray and believe, God will magically heal them. Unfortunately after reading, praying in earnest, the poor trusting fool drops dead! Then the faithful, unwilling to concede their hocus pocus failed and the self righteous blame the deceased for not believing in their archaic dogma sincerely enough. Like The Boppers do and sadly believe they can torture us with negligible psychological damage.




My RAGE attacks make me want to bang my head into a wall, tear shit up, scream bloody murder, shave my head; it effects my sleep, state of mind, body, what brief contact I have with others etc; I long to end this living nightmare once and for all.

On page 37 of the book the author suggests  what the reader (me) should do in a manic destructive state I should try: Recognize the bloom of the present moment in one’s daily meditation practice I do, but these 4 walls swallow me whole mind, body and soul; the less it helps. The book says “…if you are up early in the morning; try going outside and looking (a sustained, mindful attentive looking) at the stars at the moon, at the dawning light when it comes feel the air, the cold the warmth ( a sustained mindful attentive feeling) realize the world around you is sleeping, remember when you see the stars that you are looking back in time millions of years. The past is present now and here”


Perhaps I could smoke what he obviously does; we could surf the same bitchin’ wave link dude. But I can’t: Because I am confined to a keyless cell 24/7 and have been for 34 years. This is the cause of what ails me! I feel inept, moronic to not comprehend books like this. Ms. Moody said she read it, so I assume she grasped this High fluting mumbo jumbo and thought I’d be able to uncork the elusive Jinni concealed in the bottle, between

its mystical pages and have my wish for relief from this asylum of insanity and torture, granted.  Disastrously, I’m unable to decipher its secret passages. Maybe I’m not praying and believing whole heartedly, or not gullible enough to actually discover the deliverance promised.

The book is peppered with mind boggling quotes; page 101 says: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”~ Oliver Wendell Holmes


I contest: Just because Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote this does not stop my hallucination, ruminations or lethargy. Here’s more, perchance you are brighter than me and can decode the healing verses hidden within that quote: to give you an idea of the treatment received at ADX. There is no resolve; just psycho babble, psyche drugs and books*. “What is needed is to learn afresh, to observe and discover for ourselves the meaning of wholeness”~ David Bohm Wholeness and the Implicate Order pg. 229


“Wholeness” does not stop my headaches, foggy thoughts, blurry vision, the voices I hear, the walls from breathing and closing in!




* This is like locking someone in an ice cold freezer then telling them they can stop shaking, turning blue and getting frostbite; if they think nice warm thoughts sincerely; and pop a couple anti-depressant pills daily. However, the pious parasites giving lip-service, masquerading at ADX as psychologists; who do not dare enter the same torture chambers they preside over, like vultures drooling at the sight of our misery and psychological decay; they perch outside our encasements like amused zoo visitors waiting to see what we’ll do next, while instructing us how best to suffer what they have never experienced.



“I am large: I contain multitudes” ~ Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass. 229

God for him; Contain multitudes of what? Bullshit? I am literally buried alive in a small cell 24/7! So what’s the point?


“…their eyes their ancient glittering eyes, are gay.” ~W.B.Yeats; Lapiz Lazuli p. 270

My eyes are damaged after suffering 24/7 florescent lighting for 25 years non-stop; while trapped in a cell.* So what’s the point? And what would W.B. Yeats or Walt Whitman know about 34 years isolation?

There are more of these elitist’s platitudes, surely you get my common sense point; without having to decipher its meaning between nonsensical verbiage


Here’s a couple I in a way relate to:

“Ordinary men hate solitude [no shit Sherlock]

But the master makes use of it [How exactly?]…

…embracing his aloneness realizing he is one with the whole universe’* [Whoopee for him. But how does that realization stop my memory deterioration?]

*Lao-Tzu, Tao-Te-Ching 227


As a lifelong student of eastern philosophy and pseudo practioner of Mahayana Buddhism and graduate of a 12 year correspondence course in Siddha Yoga and currently completing  their 4 year masters course; I am familiar with the legendary Lao-Tzu; founder of Taoism (6th century B.C.) and suspect he didn’t need a Ph-D in psychology to realize not all are “Masters” and solitude has a negative effect on “Ordinary men”

I assume even a legendary “Master” chokes on a forced fed diet of solitude after 34 years.


He wisely makes the distinction: When a person “chooses solitude vs. “forced” into it. Unfortunately, for us (Federal prisoners 2013) the B.O.P.’s so-called “penal professionals” believe one cage fits all; after branding us the worst of the worst .; so with the exploitive arm of their lackeys (psyche dept.). They hold us down, while B.O.P. officials strip us of our individuality, dignity, sanity, loved ones, along with everything else meaningful to us…Then leaving us with nothing left to live for…They herd us into isolated stalls like unconscious cattle, until we rot to death or parole!


It is said the definition of insanity is repeating the same failed thing; and expecting a different result.


  The Evidence of Psychological Harm and Suffering resulting from solitary confinement dates back over 100 years. In remedial, the Supreme Court examined solitary confinement in **Colorado.


* and my eyes are damaged from not seeing further than a few feet.


** ADX is in Colorado


134 U. S.160 (1890) in Reaching that holding; the court recounted “serious objections” to solitary confinement; “[a] considerable number of prisoners fell, after even a short confinement, into a semi-fatuous condition from which it impossible to arouse them; and others became violently insane; others committed suicide; those who withstood the ordeal were not generally reformed [surprise, surprise] and in most cases they did not recover  sufficient mental activity to be of subsequent service to the community” [surprise, surprise] Id.AT168


(Rovner L. & Glidden B. 2013. D.C. NO. 1;7-CV-02471p.34)


How is it: That in 2013; its (indefinite isolation) acceptable and considered by the enforcers of it and their psych lackeys to be less severe and devastating than it was 100 years ago? Its evidence that the current penal intelligence is constipated, since they have not progressed in the past century; which demands inquiry into the incompetence of B.O.P.’s hierarchy that sadistically cling to medieval psychological torture for imprisonment. If this is their best/only solution; then it is vital they be replaced immediately and B.O.P. be dragged, if necessary, kicking and screaming into the twenty- first century.


The contested methodology (by people of conscience : without an invested interest ie; job security  and/or sadistic gratification) compares to those folks who condemn waterboarding  and formidably see it for what it is: Torture! while its proponents deem it “enhanced interrogation technique”.


a wife batterer; that kicks poor defenseless wife’s two front teeth and when she screams spitting blood, in pain he arrogantly orders “shut up, it doesn’t hurt…I don’t feel a thing”


Jon Kabat-Zinn shars his meditation retreat experience with his readers;


“ I loved these retreats because they enabled me to put everything in my life on hold; go off some place pleasant and peaceful in the countryside ; get taken care of and live an extremely simplified contemplative life. Where the only agenda was to practice, practice, practice” p. 247


This book reveals their (psych staff) insensitivity, naivety, incompetence malfunction, malpractice, and they plainly do not know their subjects or what we endure and suffer!

I’d fell like an idiot giving this crap to anyone isolated; as an actual “treatment”

to “help” what ails them. Much less; someone like me; a three time lifer, isolated indefinitely, with absolutely no reprieve from this governmental inferno! Perhaps, if I could kick back at a “pleasant and peaceful retreat” of my choosing that I “love,” in a “countryside escape” from the tyranny and trauma endured 24/7, 365 day a year, for decades on end and just watch the sunset; contemplating mindfulness, I too could project

the illusionary Wherever you go there you are concept, with a smile and skip in my step, while whistling Dixie. Everything the writer put “on hold”, is exactly what I miss!  It has been years since seeing or touching my children, what’s left of my family/friends. Nor have I seen/felt/smelled grass/dirt/trees/ocean/mountains/had a job or felt a sense of self reliance, accomplishment, work ethic responsibility… because.


ADX and its unconscionable overlords prohibit it. Consequently, crippling people and denying us from the fruit that comes from working. We are intentionally and maliciously yoked to shackles and disenfranchised. How exactly a man pull himself up by his boot straps; when he’s not allowed any? This system is rotten to the core… made so by moronic kooks who are clueless; no amount of sugar will fix it. It must be trashed and replaced with fresh ingredients, recipe, and most importantly legitimate chefs with actual experience/credentials; instead of an incestuous blood/clan connection.


Are there criteria or experience required before B.O.P. hires a psychologist, I wonder, or do they just answer Help Wanted ads? Is any experience required? They must submit in blind obedience and be willing to condone to whatever the B.O.P. puppeteers deem their legitimate “professional correctional judgments” I say this: because, when I ask a B.O.P.

Psychologist, no matter which joint I’m in; why don’t they intervene or have a more significant input i.e.; helping to eliminate/alleviate the obvious harm, damage, psychosis

 ADX/isolation inflicts on its victims. (This is apparent to psychologists not on the B.O.P. payroll, who actually study the side effects of this barbaric means of torture) They inevitably blink, dumbstruck and stare like a mannequin who hasn’t been programmed to ever question Master’s “professional correctional judgment”; they reiterate the standard pass-the-buck response. They are “powerless” due to the chain of command. To anyone that knows what control freaks, sadists and paranoid parasites are like, it’s not surprising the “custody” tentacle of the headless monster controls all other appendages; they then arrogantly and ignorantly ridicule progressive methodologies, for their failed punish and isolate malfeasance.


I’ve only got a 10th grade education; however,  am I alone finding it bazaar that well-educated psychologists take orders from C.O.s 9correction officers) with a high school certificate?

According to my Oxford encyclopedic English dictionary, 1995: psychology is “the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, esp. those affecting behavior in a given context”


My dictionary doesn’t have the definition for “C.O.” since it is a paradox. Prison guards do not “correct” anyone. It is a title they themselves created  to mask their true identity; defined as “guard” means Keep watch by (a door etc.) to control entry or exit, supervise prisoners etc… A zoo Keeper is not called when a  zoo animal needs medical attention, they call a Veterinarian. In this ass-backward penal system the Vets refer to the zookeepers. Then can not figure out why it’s a disaster, so the accuse” the worst of the worst” and continue with more of what makes people “worse”, those who should know better, blindly sit idly by watching the fiasco, and collecting their 30 pieces of silver year after year, after year, after year... Causing me to question their integrity, professional ethics; if the B.O.P.’s psychologist intentionally fabricate these bogus “treatment” ploys to conceal their covert compliance, attempting to justify their job security at the government’s feeding trough…Since both their self-interest depends on keeping this nightmare full of human livestock; while ignoring and dismissing historical analysis- evidence of the injurious effects that their exploitation has on us… buried alive in these cement coffins!


This clear disconnection between what psychologist are taught in school; pertaining to free persons mental concerns a causations and means of cures and treatments; differ substantially from incarcerated souls and those of us driven stir crazy!


I can’t unlock the cell door obviously and stroll outside in my fluffy slippers, pipe in hand to gaze up at the stars, take a deep breath and feel a sense of peace and happiness. I can’t even see the stars or moon from my cell window. I am forbidden any kind of small retreat from this reality except for 2 15 minute calls a month and a monthly or so conversation when the psychologist speaks to me, that is it. Otherwise I’m stuck in a small suffocating box car cell with my madness 24/7! So what may help free people doesn’t necessarily apply to those of us suffering in isolation! Which prisoncrats that profit from our pain and misery are quick to dismiss because a guard pushes a food tray in a slot in the cell door 3 times daily and other B.O.P.  “personnel”  make weekly/monthly rounds; if that…Which consist of  brief “drive-bys” as they periodically walk past the cells and periodically glance in, this flash is not interaction but ADX/bureau of Prisons enforcers say based on these drive-bys we are not isolated. Perhaps psychically speaking : Some of us exhibit clinical symptoms… disorders, that can be treated/cured traditionally etc… But oddly, the psychologists fail to acknowledge the elephant in the cell, by ignoring our 24/7 isolation. Ignoring the isolated cell, the fact we’ve been moved far from our families so it makes visiting them basically impossible the limited calls, etc. When the judge sentenced me to life in prison; he did not say to be served in 24/7 isolation, cross country and s permanently alienated from family and friends and prohibited from ever visiting anyone I didn’t know from that day on.


Those devastating implications are from prisoncrats without a clue what makes people tick.  They are guards; so that’s all they know how to do keep us locked up and watch us like overpaid babysitters, which a chimpanzee can do. So it is no surprise they lack a more humane and workable way of confining their human livestock without torturing us.


Their knowledge of their livestock is so inept, they are either clueless or so diabolical that it’s intentional. Ether way, is it surprising people are less controllable, after being stripped of everything meaningful and exiled to a hell hole filled with long term prisoners who also have nothing left to lose?


The psychologists here should at least realize, regardless of how inexperienced and incompetent they are the professionals supposedly learned “the scientific study of the mind and it’s functions especially those affecting behavior in a given context” They would know how non-productive 24/7 psychological torture is: regardless of how B.O.P. label us or justify it, no matter what ploy i.e.; pills, injections, books, TV programs, lobotomies prescribed we’re still entombed, condemned indefinitely. One size treatment does not fit all it’s perplexing, if it’s not a sham that ADX psychologists sincerely believe that they can give psychologically tortured men their placebo “treatments” that will magically alleviate the pain, caged rage,  hostility, frustration that continues to manifest from harassments and hardships endured for decades and counting. How is a placebo magical cure supposed to revive our sense of hopefulness, wellness and family, when those pulling your strings assure us every six months that due to whatever landed us here, no matter how long ago and no matter how well we behave we’ll always be considered a threat and never leave here; when the psyche department admits their emphasis is to cower to the hand that feeds them and concedes to their impotency? What does the psyche dept. have for damage already done? Aside from bowing to the status quo and rubber stamping B.O.P.’s denial of liability for harm imposed on us; will going outside looking at the stars, nullify the past 34 years entombment? Either way sham or sincere; we (prisoners) lose and are forced to suffer a failed system.


 not that it was easy, mind you. There was often a lot of physical pain from sitting still for that many hours. And that was nothing compared to the emotional pain which would sometimes surface as the mind and body became more still and less busy--page 247

Jon Kabat-Zinn Ph.D. is a meditation teacher, scientist and writer.  He is professor of medicine emeritus University of Massachusetts medical school where he was founding executive director (1995)  of the center for mindfulness in medicine, health care society. And founder of its world renowned stress reduction clinic (page 281)


It is very interesting what the well educated medical/meditation/professor/author experienced in his desired solitude, likely at an expensive retreat of his choosing where he felt “pain” from the idleness. What would he likely experience if he were forced into a cell for 34 years and assured he’d die there?


No one truly knows its taste until they actually take a bite; the gut wrenching wrath of solitary confinement!

Which he freed himself of after a few hours? I am unable to leave my physical emotional pain even when I can not bear it another second!

Imagine the experience would differ if he was locked without choice in solitude no aesthetic  surroundings, hated by the keepers, no visits, in four enclosed walls indefinitely 24/7! Particularly in my case for I am singled out for enhanced isolation*… Even within the confines of ADX (a locked down penitentiary) I’m forbidden to even communicate with other prisons or be around them i.e., when I'm in my dog cage recreation no other prisons can be out in theirs. I bet none could imagine it! In the free world what do you have to compare to three decades of psychological torture in isolation? So how can the psyche dept. begin to “treat” what ails me with “Wherever you go there You Are?”

* alienation and persecution


He is absolutely correct

There is often a LOT of physical pain just from sitting still for that many hours, bed sores are deadly when ignored, dismissed, unattended and left to fester; while those causing it are more concerned, quibbling over deniability and protecting their own asses than accepting responsibility and resolving the causation; that was nothing compared to the emotional pain…page 247


Emotional wounds and pain are invisible … like a killer toothache no one else feels except the one suffering!

Dr. Kabat-Zinn still had his wife, kids, friends, career, freedom, etc… To return to after his stint to the retreat. So I ask how ‘mindful’ would he be if stripped of all he loves and has worth living for? How severe do you think his emotional wounds would be then?


Is there a quiz or test to determine his pain threshold? How long can a person be psychologically tortured before death saves them? Will reading Wherever You Go There You Are magically cease their bleeding? Would he become more “mindful” of his losses, heartaches, painful, existence? Would it hurt less? Would he find peace and tranquility in the pit of this barred hell hole? And smile happily while missing his children, loved ones, birthdays, holidays,, time together; unable to help them protect or hug them, watch them grow up etc…? Would he be “mindful” enough to rejoice at being unable to visit with anyone he hadn’t known prior to 1975 for bogus “security” concerns. Allowed to correspond and call but no visit in a non-contact, highly encroached, phone monitored, voyeuristic booth. Would he feel or be comforted, befriended and less alienated when the only humans he sees are the nameless/faceless/cruel BOP drones

that cause prisoners of all color, religion,  nationality and ages to deteriorate into raging maniacs that scream, bang their tortured heads and lives away or recluses who self  implode … never to be seen again;

Physiologically trapped in a cell we don’t leave, suffering in silence; exactly as the B.O.P. score, because breathing corpses rot without notice; that’s why they are quick to summon their lackeys to dope us and turn us into vegetables or/and four point us (chain us down to a 6’x4’ block and torture us until we yield to the suffering “mindfully” / quietly.


“In the middle of this road we call life/ I found myself in a dark wood/with no clear path through”

- Dante Alighieri; Divine Comedy Inferno pg 87

This is relatable: I am in solitary confinement with no end in sight!


If one is a strong-willed accomplished person, they may often give the impression that they are

invulnerable to feelings inadequacies, insecurity or hurt. This can be very isolating and ultimately cause you and others great pain. Other people will be all too happy to take that impression and collude in propaganda a Rock of Gibraltar  persona onto them which doesn’t allow them to have real feelings. In fact, they can all too easily get out of touch with their own true feelings behind the intoxicating shield of image and Aura. (Page 65)


I relate: I’m branded “the worst of the worst” or else I wouldn’t be here(ADX) Right? So I am treated accordingly: As a stigmatized person. I’m not necessarily judged by what I do. FACT: After 23 years clean time.  I’m still here; deemed a “security” threat. If God forbid I a want a visit with a loved one I didn’t know prior to 1975. My stigmatization blinds administrators from seeing past my reputation and 30 year rap sheet. They have labeled me a “threat” even though I have not threatened nor done any harm to anyone in three decades.


I suspect this ploy is used for three possibilities1.) I killed a guard… so payback’s a bitch. 2.) The B.O.P.’s hierarchy hasn’t got what it takes to defy the B.O.P lynch mob who swore 30 years ago, since they cant kill me: they’ll make my life a living hell; so I’d wish I were dead! Said a B.O.P. official to Mr. Pete Earley, quoted in his book The Hot House page 226-7;  3.) They are protecting their own asses in case I screwed up. Which is a legal concern: regarding all guys let out of ADX. However; given my lengthy exemplary clean conduct and the fact guys with worse records than mine haven’t been isolated 30 years; begs to question: their real rationale for refusing to let good conduct determine whether or not I’ve earned less restrictions; Instead of allowing them to get away with using their all-purpose go-to-ploy: “security threat” year after year; when they want to yank the noose around our necks tighter.


Regardless what they label me: I’m a human being! Just because I may not bas my skull into cell bars or/and severely mutilate myself as others do in here; that are driven insane, doesn’t mean I suffer less! Their (BOP) Scarlet Letter carved into my chest fails to immunize me from their shackles and lash!


So when my “therapist” responds to my pleas with books and lip service; is why I believe the nonsensical “treatment” is a sham, malignant, malpractice and violation of their Hippocratic oath; that I understand to be; “Do not Harm”. In this case; Silence is causing harm! Along with inadequate “treatment” their profession prohibits members from participating in executions or torture. “Medical professionals understand they can not agree to government request to hurt or kill their patients; it would violate their ethics”


Raphael Sperry; April 15th, 2013 with Solitary Watch which include 21 comments opposing the architecture of isolation: Architects against Solitary Confinement; url: ...27/07/2013.


Ethical minded impartial and sincere outside, non-paid BOP psychologists are needed to intervene and stop this institutions quackery. A closer inspection by APA (American psychological Association) should reveal their BOP alliance and sham.



When I asked Ms. Moody why she doesn’t confront administration to help me resolve the causations of my problems; she admitted to me she didn’t want to lose her job by “rocking the boat”, status quo; I would think concern for her ethical responsibility comes before job security and speaking truth to the merciless rulers who strangle and torture her patients with their administrational garrote!


Unfortunately for their patients (or whatever they refer to us now) all I see BOP psychologists do is provide a ‘rubber stamp’ for the psychological damage ADX inflicts on us; which is painfully apparent to those not paid to ignore it.

Instead of working towards a less psychological painful means of confinement; BOP hires psychologists to give the false impression that we’re “treated” despite denying their methodology is not traumatizing and they don’t have mentally ill people here; if this is correct; why the need for medication, treatment and psychologists? I agree with Jon Kabat-Zinn:


The attitude of non-harming lies at the heart of  Yoga practice [which I have studied- privately- the past 30 years but my so-called ‘reviewers’ ignore in their bogus threat assessment of me] and the Hippocratic Oath. It was the underlying principle of Gandhi’s revolution and of his personal meditation practice. But there was something about the sincerity with which my friend made his comment coupled with the incongruity of the person I thought I knew saying it, which impressed me. It struck me as a good way to relate to the world and oneself. Why not try to live as to cause as little damage and suffering as possible?

If we lived that way; we wouldn’t have the insane levels of violence that dominate our lives and our thinking today; we would be more generous toward ourselves as well; on the meditation cushion and off of it… (page 217)


It’s too bad BOP and their Hench persons fail to practice what they so self righteously preach. What lessons, realistically, are they instilling in us with their heartless psychological torture, surely not forgiveness, compassion, empathy, wellness, responsibility?  To the contrary; they teach force, power makes what they do right, regardless how it hurts or effects people. The more defenseless a people are the easier it is to enslave them; mind, body, heart and soul. Then justify it with authoritative scare tactics; especially to the uninformed populace; gullible enough to trust that this government pisses holy water, instead they are just pissing on them when they aren’t paying attention.


But working in the stress reduction clinic, the white coat be a true impediment. I have to work over time as it is to reflect back all the projections I get from people that I am “Mr. Relaxation” or “Dr. Have-it-all-together” or “ Mr. Wisdom and compassion-incarnate” page 191


This is perhaps more egregious ‘example” of the psych dept.’s overt loyalty to the BOP. According to Ms. Moody; when asked Why she (psyche dept) carries a guard’s skull buster (baton) then expect us to trust someone armed with our oppressors weaponry? Which I have been beaten and had my skull split opened several times she lamely replies” It’s required”. Apparently. They have them; and brandish this impediment.

This shows an inept knowledge of their subject matter or disregard for how they are perceived by those

of us they are supposedly here to “HELP”…So a blind person can see the essentiality of germinating a “trusting” rapport with people purposed to divulge our most intimate thoughts, feelings, secrets etc. I would assume that is “Psyche 101”. It’s counter productive to impede our confidence in their role here. Are they well-meaning, unbiased psychologists or C.O’s disguised as psychologists or just wanna-be cops and closet sadists; who are certifiable; Perhaps just fraudsters with imitation credentials? Whoever they are they do more harm than good!


This isn’t an aberration, rogue psychologist, who hopped on the crazy train. It’s their “marching orders” supercilious superintendents… causing one to ponder; if the blind are leading the blind? Are the loonies running the asylum?


A 10th grade “drop out” Should not be pointing out this blatant snafu. Surely, in all these years, a legitimate psychologist has realized; this is like a traumatized holocaust survivor going to the hospital for a critical operation and his surgeon appears clad in a Nazi swastikas. Certainly a university graduate has enough walking around sense to grasp the foreboding the patient seizes… and how unreassuringly and worrisome any explanation for wearing it would be. I am not meaning to compare the horrific atrocities of Nazi Germany’s holocaust on the Jewish people to the malfeasance unfolding at ADX currently. Yet similarities exist here in the shadows. So “medical professionals” who pledge a “Hippocratic oath” ,also condone, ignore and cause repulsive acts of cruelty against humanity and sold their souls and ethical responsibility to the Führer  and embrace his deranged dogma. “The worst of the worst” damnation; is reminiscent of a seed from, Adolf Hitler’s  Mein Kamf and trans-physicians; ADX  practicing quacks “heil”  their allegiance to government’s/BOP’s  Führer /director; oblivious to the blood and guts they are submerged in.



…of the psychology Dept’s over enthusiastic “loyalty” to BOP their indoctrination, uncritical partisan and adversarial stance; when it raised it’s ugly head upon first seeing Ms. Moody (a recent BOP psych recruit and an apparent BOP zealot) Proudly donning the BOP blazer with BOP swastika/”Moniker” on the left front of her chest. Knowing she’s new and as clueless her veteran colleagues, who also wear our oppressor’s uniform; though it is not mandatory, but a personal preference instead of prison khakis (that is sure to cause BOP/ psych dept. ostracism) they do not care how it offends us (their “patients”) whom they are employed to “help”.


I tentatively pointed this out to Ms. Moody, after asking if she’ll be worthless as her predecessors or actually be here to help us. With all the sincerity of a car salesman she told me what I wanted to hear…causing another lost beat of “hope” to pound in my hopeless heart! Which was intensified seeing her dressed a couple of times later without flashing any BOP imperious signs. Sadly, the last two times I saw her, she was wearing her BOP jacket. That she “paid good money for” and brandishing the BOP’S black, skull buster steel balls on each end; known as “rib splitters”; because they’re taught to jab into our torsos (after they chain us down on a cement block of cement, naked!)it will ricochet, so it wont break a rib but slips into soft flesh and cause unnoticeable damage and excruciating pain!


While lying in this helpless position; the sadists don’t miss their opportunity to force open our eyelids and spray mace into our nostrils, mouths and genitals… inflicting an immediate burning sensation! I have heard some prisoners are sodomized with batons and  almost all, I have known were left to piss and shit on ourselves, suffer hunger pains when C.O.’s log in, they say they have fed us, but fail to add; we were not able to eat since they set a food tray or a “bag lunch” on the floor, since it’s an empty cell with a block of cement, set in the middle of the floor and did not even uncuff a hand so we can eat.


These specially designed torture chambers resemble an eerie Frankenstein movie scene; except; the dark melancholy is absent instead it is shattered by bright blinding white ceiling lights, entombed in walls painted white/light tan to intensify sensory collision! Coupled with callous, refrigerated temperatures or so it feels, after lying motionless for hours days, weeks! Along with suffering itches you can’t scratch, unprotected assaults by insects feasting on the living carcass served to them on a grave slab… instead of a silver platter, sealed in isolation, feeling helplessness, haunted by uncertainty, terrifying speculation… “If they are capable and authorized to get away with this…what, pray-tell, lurks next in the torpid minds of prisoncrats who embrace the barbarous act as a valid excruciation for denounced ADX prisoners?”  


These cruel ice boxes are not reserved only for punishment. The psych dept. subjects mentally ill suicidal

prisoners to the same ordeal; when men start to crack under the pressure of immurement! Revealing the institutionalized/unrestrained barbarism executed by the custody and Psych tentacles of this flesh devouring monster.


But who would logically think to subjugate a person already cracking, to intensifying the causation, will ease their desire to end their pain?  It definitely prevents further means of self-destruction/mutilation; which is certainly a legitimate concern, but at what price? Just so the witless keepers can pat each other on the ass, for temporarily disrupting the relief sought from the agony engorging them, while ignoring its source… that they all deny exists, so they’re not responsible.


Then they have the amentia to “punish” us, when we finally succumb to the pressure and try to end it. How dare we spit out what they so self-righteously force feed us! Exposing this insufferable situation; its schizoid of BOP to build ADX; designed specifically to bury their “worst of the worst” alive and actually herald its draconian/subhuman architecture and oppressive “security” extremes. Yet, when the condemned “crack” under its insanity, they act surprised… then negate any and all accountability, in fact, blame or dismiss our fallibility. Torture souls and the mentally ill aren’t stupid, so say and do whatever the psychologists want to hear to escape their “ice box treatment” …So of course after a few days of intense psychological torture, that they’re able to endure their living nightmare.


That is partly why many are repeat offenders. And why the FBI supposedly doesn’t condone “torture”

techniques; they do not work because the information obtained isn’t reliable.


What I am emphasizing isn’t a profound revelation. I noted earlier, it’s been proven since America’s first penitentiary; designed to entomb prisoners. The problem now; is like the tobacco companies C.E.O.s, who tried to deny smoking causes cancer. BOP C.E.O’s and their hired lackeys; deny their methodology is injurious to prisoners/people. How much psychological damage will ADX prisoners endure before they heed historical lessons?


I fear, no time soon is their answer. Since all BOP hired guns are required to participate in BOP’s routine “training” (brain washing indoctrination) sessions, that instructs them (along side C.O’s) guard duties. Why else are medical Doctors, nurses, psychologists, educators, culinary, religious service, facilities and office staff etc. are required, when ordered, to man a gun tower, kill an escapee, shake down cells, escort prisoners etc etc.


We don’t socialize with C.O.’s, they are not  our neighbors, colleagues, our kids don’t play together, go to school, church, shopping, ballgames, carpool nor exchange Christmas gifts with each other etc.; like those on BOP’s gravy train do.  So it’s a fallacy to dismiss the gradual assimilation that transpires, especially as months become years. So is it any wonder non-custody lackeys transpose into BOP clones?  I have never seen any BOP inductee wear our khaki shirts, but they all wear our oppressors’ uniform. I have also seen them escort prisoners and do shake down of cells. This slap in our face exposes their true character. As Jon Kabat-Zinn pointed out, even his white coat was an impediment; even though it’s expected of physicians. He understood his clientele well enough to avoid foreseen controversy and how he would likely be perceived.


How clueless is a psychologist to not automatically realize that one of the most suspicious things psychology personnel can do can do; if he/she want to establish trust/rapport within prison walls is to flaunt our tormentors’ patch of oppression and wield their whip (baton) this cabal of self serving B.O.P. prisoncrats reek throughout this infectious organism. All anyone has to do to verify this is look into 1. ADX disciplinary  and 2. Administrative remedy records to see we seldom, if ever, win one, regardless of it’s merits. “Policy”: is used by the collaborators of the cabal as an “alibi” regardless of what they are accused of; they inevitably refer to “policy” to vouch for their deceit.

Example of conspicuous collaboration:

Once my ex-counselor, Mr. Foster,  brought my regular mail (my mail can only be picked up and delivered by my  unit team, unlike other prisoners.) I noticed a “legal” letter that had been opened and not stamped. (legal mail, must be opened in front of me, stamped and I sign a log book for it) I showed it to him and requested a “B.P.8 (complaint form) When he returned his response (he in fact was the investigating officer assigned to do it) he regurgitated their standard plotted reply to all my consistent mail complaints. “You mail is processed according to policy” Though he’s the one that brought the mail and eye witnessed it had already been opened.


This exact response was repeated following the next three appellant levels;  i.e.; B.P.9, 10, 11; Warden, regional director and BOP director in Washington.


Since it’s usually our word against theirs and it’s their B.O.P. Klan members who adjudicate our disciplinary reports and grievances etc. (not our family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, co-conspirators)  is  it unfathomable to question why we seldom get our pleas rectified in our behalf.


This repeated refusal of BOP to acknowledge any and all transgressions add to our frustration, resentment, hopelessness etc. When justice is denied and grievances fall on deaf ears.


Check out how BOP out shrink the shrinks: Before they even begin employment here, they’re privy to ADX ‘s stigmatization, that BOP constantly propagates publically. All tyrannical regimes create their own horror landmarks, as a warning to its populace, that’s where they’ll send the unfavorable if you dare disobey.


First: BOP built Alcatraz and when it closed; they replaced it with U.S.P. Marion then after Marion started to generate too much public scrutiny they changed its security level and built ADX

There’s a few very incriminating litigations in court now that is sure to rip the mask off this monster; BOP is building its replacement. Actually they already have several populated but they need a crown jewel to show off… reserved for only “the worst of the worst”. Please define meaning; who defines it?*




“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it” ~ Adolph Hitler~


So when BOP tells the gullible clergy, psyche dept, Dr.s etc. that they must arm themselves since we’re all so “dangerous” that we can attack at any time for no rhyme or reason; they think whatever they are told to think and piss their pants/panties on cue even though we’re never, ever in unrestrained contact with them. But in the petrifying shock of hype and scare tactics; “Reality” is irrelevant; it’s the perception BOP instills in them that matter, since a person’s perception is their reality.


Predictably; since they’re never near us unfettered; there’s no way we’re able to alter their perception. Realistically, unless you have the courage and intelligence of a Jane Goodall, to find out for yourself; as “experts” who feared actually going into a jungle to mingle with gorilla families, to discover they won’t attack unless provoked; as “experts” had  proclaimed. You are inclined to be biased, while “treating” men you fear will harm you without a steel door and gate of bars between you.

“People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to” ~Malcolm Muggeridge~

 * A child molester/killer or a so called “gang member” who kills their enemy within prison- not an innocent woman/child, yet the child/woman/rapist/killers are not deemed “the worst of the worst” and sent here

 “My kind of loyalty was to one’s country, not it’s institutions or officeholders. The country is the real thing, the substantial thing, the eternal thing; it is the thing to watch over and care for, be loyal to; institutions are extraneous, they are its mere clothing and clothing can wear out, become ragged, cease to be comfortable, cease to protect the body from winter, disease and death. ~Mark Twain~


“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will” ~Frederick Douglas~


“You can’t change a problem…with the same mentality that caused it” ~ Albert Einstein~


“Bad precedent always began with justifiable measures” ~Unknown~


“Shrinks should understand their subjects before they try to shrink them” ~ Tom Silverstein~


The End

Tom Silverstein


September 5th, 2013


Update: September 13th 2013


Ms. Moody was recently with the Unit C.O. passing out food trays. Apparently, she found a job she’s actually qualified for and wearing her BOP jacket, like a good and obedient lackey; laughing and joking with our oppressor. When she looked at me; I turned away in disgust… not so much for her, but as an ex-bank robber/killer; I realize sometimes we have to do whatever it takes to survive. But turned in disgust at the transparent sham occurring, at the expense/ deprivation; of real professional help!!