Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tommy granted visit GoFundMe Campaign Initiated


Tommy has requested I start a gofundme campaign TommyVisitor GoFundMe
please go to the gofundme and read his plea.

Tom Silverstein has written "Dear Friends, Family and supporters,
Many of you may know, I am the longest held Federal prisoner in solitary confinement
I've been down since 1975 and isolated since 1983
I have not had a visit in 10 years, mainly due to prison officials prohibiting it. However my fiancé  and I have been granted a one time visit, finally! Unfortunately, can not afford all of it, so I need your help to fly her cross country, besides her health her car is old and driving would not be safe.
To assure I receive your support personally please follow instructions.(above)
We would truly appreciate your help thank you so much for making our dream come true!"
Tom and I have fought for 5 years to be allowed this ONE time visit. So I hope we get some help our visit is scheduled for May, I am in Michigan and of course he is in CO.
If nothing else please wish us luck and send up your prayers!
Letter is from Tom Silverstein
thank you
Tom's letter to everyone
On Facebook there was a skeptic regarding the ONE time visit so I will explain 5 years it took, People in Federal prison can only have visits from those they have known before they went to prison I have only known Tom for 10 years and because of his lack of visitors they will allow me 1 visit. as I said its taken 5 years to make them understand after 30+ years most the people Tom knew are dead. I have been a close faithful frienbd for 10 years Tom asked me to marry him that is another dream we will have to put on hold, just to get this visit.

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