Saturday, June 1, 2019

Tommy Silverstein a memorial

©Renee Silverstein
Thank you to my daughter-in-law for putting this tribute video together for me
in my grief, I am unable to think.

It has been 3 weeks since Tommy left us.
There have been articles posted everywhere but they very are upsetting, I will not be sharing any of them.
 I know Tommy not as their "killer" headlines proclaim. I know Tommy as an amazing, resilient, loving, thoughtful, sensitive, artistic, talented, tortured by cruelty of isolation, humorous and strong man.
 This video shares some of  the family pictures, letters, and art he sent me over the years. Just a wee bit, the media has stolen our privacy by using stolen images, misquotes and assumptions. There is nothing Tommy kept from me. Though Tommy and I did not ever talk of gangs or murder; we are artists that shared a special bond.
 I have, to my delight; heard stories from people who's lives were saved by Tommy. And it was because of him a vegetarian diet is offered to other prisoners.
 Tommy basically, lived in a bathroom, but got up everyday with a purpose and a goal. How many people do you know that can show such mental strength?
 We were planning our next visit for this year. And he thought he might be able to be moved closer to me. He also had another goal that other prisoners in his situation, should have more phone calls. ADX only allows 2, 15 minute calls a month, which of course the prisoner pays to use the phone. The point is that prisoners "never getting out" should be allowed more time to talk. This is the Tommy I knew; always working toward bettering himself and others. There are no words to express the loss and anguish I feel over losing him. Rest well Tommy we miss you
Tommy did not enter the system as a killer he was turned into a killer.
©All rights reserved by Renee Silverstein
This video may not be shared or used by anyone other than Renee Silverstein
There is no other blog no "official" blog, if you see one its just for exploitation.
Before T past he wanted it removed, as the person calling themselves a  webmaster
did not follow Tom's instructions
Thank you
I want to also thank BOP Tom's unit manager for calling me to update final arrangements
* no one is collecting any money, thanks to all that have offered.

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