Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tommy Silverstein reports ADX gasses prisoners again

Last week they gassed prisoners twice now Tom writes:
(Tom draws sad faces to express the sadness of situation..)
This is transcribed (with permission) from a recent letter; Tommy writes and says "...looks like the gassing stopped for a while, so I can breathe (literally) a whole lot better." he continues "I guess the guy on hunger strike ended it. But I suspect not because he got his medical problems taken care of. Most likely he didn't want to face the goon squad and gas and starvation any longer. ): Its a hell of a way to go to try and get proper medical care here and still fail. ): 
I'm on a 12 man range, but only talk to 3 other guys. A couple rarely leave their cell that I don't talk to anyway and another guy next to me, never leaves his cell.
This may give you an idea what its like for me in a rat infested unit with mentally ill and most despicable folks you ever want to not know in this unit and why they put me here. )< When you hear about G.P.(general population) its not like you may see on TV. We're locked in our cell 24-22 hours daily and go out twice weekly in smelly dog cages for 2 hours Whoopee! Ha!
At least today I'm not forced to suffocate, choke, vomit and feel my eyes and flesh burn, for several hours, while my oppressors get their kicks at our expense."
My commentary is that I am sickened and appalled by the treatment of these people.
I call again for any and all to write to officials demanding the torture to stop.
Be respectful of their offices but do not mince words that this torture must stop. I added Tom's art here to remind people he and those in the cages with him are human beings!

atrocities must stop!
Warden: Fox                           "Fox" is all Tommy told me
       U.S.P. Florence Admin
      P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226
Phone (719) 784-9464

Regional director Sara Revell
            400 State Avenue Suite # 800
            Kansas City, KS. 66101

Bureau of Prisons Director:  Thomas R. Kane PhD.
                        320 First St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20534

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