Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Breaking men's minds Eddie Griffin revisited

Breaking Men's Minds: Behavior control and human experimentation at the federal prison in Marion, Illinois  
This is only 8 pages but a must read to understand what happened to Tom.
Eddie Griffin writes about Tom in his blog.       The Most Dangerous Man in America: The Boogey Man              

Solitary confinement fact sheet from nami (I like this 3 pages with "how to help" links)

read Craig Haney  who writes about the mental health issues in Long-term and "Supermax" confinement.

There is so much written about isolation's negative impact on people I am at a loss as to why U.S. continues to use  this torture on their own citizens?
If any of the articles or links helped anyone understand what is happening to Tom please comment.
If any links do not work please comment.
Thank you

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