Friday, February 3, 2017

Bible verse considered disruptive

Where do I begin to tell the stress, unnerved, anguish, stomach ache, anxiety over this newest harrassment by the B.O.P.? I send Tommy my art, he's better than me; I ask him to fix, edit or recreate
So I sent (art below) with Bible verse; he redid art with verse it was confiscated sent to FBI, now Tom is receiving a shot. Because, verse is considered "disruptive". Tom has asked me not to send Bible verses anymore. Now whether you are a Christian or not this seems like undo harassment.
I can not sleep. What can be done? Last post I listed ACLU address I got letter from them they can't help "not enough funds" I wrote Jay Sekulow an email I have not heard back.
 Any one interested in giving me advice it would be greatly appreciated
I certainly do not know how much more stress I can take. I believe this is another tactic of the BOP to make sure these people have no supporters. At his disciplary hearing Tommy will have to say where he got Bible verse, now will I be under scrutiny? Because of the Bible?
The censors name is Bilbrey at ADX Florence Co.

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