Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Silverstein Art Gallery Continued

Mohawk Warrior

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barri john said...

I have seen quite a bit of Tommy's Art, in fact i have a painting that he gave me, called, "Life without Parole" I think his pencil and pen sketches are some of the best i have ever seen, keep up the good work my friend.

Barri J.

Playaz Anonymous/Players Anonymous said...

I've been kept up all night. I started reading about this man and just couldn't stop. I've poured over hours of reading.
After all due consideration, taking account of all information I've come to the conclusion that it's great injustices such as this, that make me ashamed to call myself an American't. Yes i said can't! As in can't get right.
If 28 years in solitary isn't enough suffering for the death of one prison guard, and a self defense manslaughter, i really don't wanna know what is. This man has payed his debt.
It has been said that you can gauge a society by the way in which their prisoners are treated. What does it say about ours?
It says that we as a society have had all the luxuries money can buy and still we can't get right! I fear that we may never.