Saturday, June 9, 2018

Reader's call to action for Tommy Silverstein

A Twitter follower emailed me here is his message to me

" I contacted Donald on twitter about a pardon for Tommy The way I see it the more people who do helps his chances I briefly explained guards were busting his balls try to get him killed I call it Gladiator City to survive for entertainment for guards and make Time go hard for Tommy ! Prisoners are sent to prison for punishment not to BE punished by the system & Guards.. Try what ya got to lose ?"-- Uncle Bob Thank you from me and all that support Tom...
If you are not aware of "Gladiator school" there are videos on YouTube and 2 good movies one is Felon
the other is the new movie Shot Caller

My opinion echos Uncle Bob, prison is the punishment everything else is torture!

There needs to be a halt to solitary confinement, isolation, mental and physical abuse

So I along with T's cousin and friends in UK will be emailing the president.
We are planning the first Friday of August then every Friday until we have a reply.
My personal advice on writing government officials is to keep it short and respectful and do not ask a question( this will generate a form reply. Instead, state your opinion and desire for change.
Any question please ask me.

here is the link to email Write or call White House

I do not follow the president on twitter but I will find link if anyone would like to tweet the prez on behalf of Tommy, Donald J. Trump twitter
Thank you any questions write

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