Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aging in the B.O.P.

Tom has been given a diagnosis concerning his hands, I am upset.

Dupuytren Contracture I told him to not accept it. I am asking for any reading this to send some encouragement to him. here is another beautiful drawing he did for me.

Health care as most know is a joke for prisoners of the B.O.P.
Recently Tom had a doctor put drops in his ears Dr. said he'd be back to take them out
The Doctor never came back.
Tom has suffered so many ailments that are never addressed or it take years not days or months to
be seen by a Doctor. Whether medical or emotional there is such lack for prisoners; and the aged are treated cruelly.
Tom witnessed a very elderly prisoner being taken from his cell, the man's stiffness and pain as they tried to cuff him up to take him out. Tom was very upset as he described the incident to me.

Some of Tommy's art can be purchased from me
please inquire * sadly if sold none of the proceeds go to Tommy.
Anyone can help with Tom's support, he has relied on "pals" over the years to help him with stamps personal items etc...
Please enjoy his art; and pray for his hands. Please pray for him and write to anyone that might help in his relief from isolation.
If you write Tommy and do not hear back from him please do not get discouraged his hands are an issue funds are an issue.
thank you for reading.
*if any of the links do not work please let me know. 


PaleandProud said...

I would like to buy a piece of his art. Please contact me.

Renée Silverstein said...

I totally missed this you can buy Tom's art here