Thursday, October 3, 2019

Tommy Silverstein original art

This is one of the last drawing Tommy created for me which was intended to be sold on our shop Prisons of Love he made the logo. For information on this piece please click Tommy Silverstein
I know everyone wants to believe or see scary sad images he created but most of what he did for me was expressions of what words could not describe. Furthermore, people think I am a murder groupie,
this could not be further from the truth. I met Tom because of his art and the fact I was appalled by his torture at the hands of our own country. So many still suffer. below is just one example posted on
Pelican BAY state Prison
Pelican BAY state Prison on FaceBook
Please do not forget about these prisoners.
And help me in remembering Tommy as resilient and they could not kill his mind.
Tom's good friend Carol Strick, helps me through the days. And I still
can not thank Laura Rovner enough for all her help and support and of course Pete Earley
Pete Earley
ase share this !!
Send the letter!!!
Let's end the torture!

State Sanctioned Torture MUST END
Please send this letter to all state politicians and representatives and get others to as well.
Governor Newsom, et al
I am writing to you today addressing a serious problem affecting my incarcerated loved one and other prisoners in the same living quarters, who are also being affected in the same way. I am more than well aware many other prisoners in other housing units and yards in this facility and other California facilities have endured the abuses administered by state employees. Prisons being understaffed and struggling to hold new staff should be a red flag on so many levels. Primarily, it is a hostile work environment to staff as well as prisoners. Prison yards remain highly overpopulated, and mixing yards that were previously separated for safety, doesn’t show any regard for safety or accountability from the higher ups as well.
Beyond the exploits of violence, this is a general idea of what cruel and unconstitutional actions by prison employees on inmates include:
•enforcing conflict amongst disagreeing prison “sub communities”
•imposing manufactured unbearable atmospheric environments
•Ignoring court orders, denying due process,
•Withholding medical, refusing adequate treatment as punishment
•Withholding mail, losing 602s (formal complaints), and not allowing access to law libraries
•denying privileges, extending SHU terms without accountability and against policy
•sabotaging rehabilitative efforts
•creating rumors to further hostilities amongst inmates, using dropouts and snitches as weapons
•being opportunistic with Title 15 and DOM wherever the vague language gives them means to undermine by “interpreting” the letter of the law in such a way to further a sadistic turpitude agenda
I am not asking, I am BEGGING you to enforce humane changes to policy and procedure.
I can only hope you do not condone or support the actions of what is known as “the Green Wall”, but you need to be made aware it is very much alive and acting in its repugnant, renegade and Machiavellian code.
Please take a hard look at what is really being done inside these institutions Torturing those already living in prison is in no way anything even remotely, “corrective” or “rehabilitative”.
Keeping prisoners in abusive living conditions and denying due process in legal matters is systemic torture.
State sanctioned Torture MUST END!!!
I thank you for your immediate and thorough attention to this matter.
My loved one is at California State Prison:
Housed in building :
These are the unacceptable conditions that my loved one and their neighbors are forced to live in:"

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Thank you
* Please remember NO ONE should be using Tommy's name there is NO "official blog" and what the hell is a Webmaster?

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