Sunday, February 1, 2015

So this is "recreation" at ADX

 Outside recreation if the C.O.' feel like it. Recreation is not always guaranteed
There is nothing that relates to outside, no grass, no tree, no anything yet a break from the isolated cell is a welcomed moment for him.
Tommy is out there completely alone. He is not allowed to be in that cage if another man is out there.
He tells me he walks in a tiny circle, can see snow sometimes and see the sun
Next we have indoor rec.
I think that thing is a pull up bar.


    Ok prison is punishment, its the separation from society for correction. Where is the correction if some never get to return to population or society?


Rick said...

I hope and pray they free "Tommy Silverstein"
To popul

Rick said...

I applaud your Strenghth Mr.Tommy Silverstein.What you have endured is beyond human understanding as I have also been confined in San Quentin and every prison I have been in.I been in 7 California Prisons.You have endured more than most.I hope and pray for your release brother from torture,torment and unjust punishments. I truly believe your rights continue to be violated.Cruel and unusual punishment.To state the least.I will support you.Nobody deserves to be confined as long as you have.Stay strong brother as you have for so long is amazing.I myself done 6 years in The Security Housing Units in California.I was released from my 13th prison after doing 3 prison Terms in California & Nevada State Prisons.I got out 4 years ago in 2011 and only by the Grace of the Almighty I'm alive and well in the free world today.I seriously believe God had His grace and mercy on Me when I started serving time at 24 years of age.I'm now 55 years old.and surely a Tommy Supporter.I will continue to keep you in my daily prayers brother God Bless you and your amazing strength.

isew said...

I didn't even know who you were until my brother read a book about you. He is in jail and waiting trial.. He may spend the rest of his life behind bars.. I have now read up about you and what you are going thru on a daily basis is horrible.. I wish you could see the mountains and walk on the grass... I'm sure no one wants that more than you... I sent a letter to you for my brother, I don't know if you have received it.. Your drawings are amazing .. and so are you..

isew said...

I hope and pray you get some relief .

Renée Silverstein said...

@isew Thank you. If you have not heard back or if the letter was rejected and sent back to you it is because BOP is serious about security. Most messages from here I send to T are rejected as "3rd party communication" and deemed a security threat.
Hope you are still reading and I personally hope your brother is doing well.