Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ADX Tommy Silverstein Death of an Artist?

we will not be seeing anymore of this beautiful art by Tommy Silverstein
Since Tom has started writing his story, the prison, censor and other officials have continuously try to make his life more unbearable. They began taking his art for nefarious reasons. Anything going out of the prison.
Tom will spend a month on a drawing; for a friend or his book; he wanted to include art to express what he can not express always in word.  So far at least 3 pieces have been confiscated and not returned.The most recent, my Christmas present, a month's work, extra postage for receipt; posted Dec 5th 2016 (given to CO who gives it to censor). By January 5th 2017 receipt never came back he sent message to censor for answers. Finally around January 11th "they" came to calm him down and told him my gift had been confiscated(taken) and sent to the FBI. Tom had to really press for answer as to why. All he was told was there were 3 birds in the drawing.

To me the BOPPERS are looking at Tom's art like children look at clouds i.e; 'Look I see a bunny"
What they see is gang related, which there is none.
Tommy has announced to me he will no longer be drawing or creating art, he says "I will not give them the satisfaction"
Here is an excerpt from a recent letter;
I believe that ADX has killed this brilliant artist. My heart breaks for him and all that love his art.
If you are fortunate enough to own any of Tom's art, cherish it.

I am guessing the Feds have a very valuable collection of Tommy Silverstein's stolen art for made up, nefarious reason. Just another way to torture him. Just Much ado about nothing. And now because "they" have tormented him by stealing his art, "they" have killed him.

Before hearing what happened to my gift; I wrote Postmaster General 
(though he has no jurisdiction over prisoner mail) and BOP director Thomas Kane PhD and ADX; I only received response from Postmaster reminding me he has nothing to do with prison mail, he did offer this address to me that they might help. Our mail takes 14 to 30 days to reach each other the address for help is

 The address for the ACLU National Prison Project is 915 15th St NW, Washington, DC  20005-6016 or you can contact the ACLU at (202) 393-493
Tom made his mittens, they are not provided winter coats, glove boots...
Thank you 

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