Monday, March 12, 2018

Tommy Silverstein update

Thank you to all that reach out to us on twitter  @tommy_renee and facebook 

Tom let me know his book is coming along and is having a lot of success getting his manuscript out.

I'll ask him for an excerpt.

Recently he woke to the gas I have written about before. I guess it is ok to gas everyone.The gas for the offending prisoner permeates to all surrounding prisoners. Causes vomiting disorientation, gagging, sore throat, nausea...

Did I mention that I looked up the gas that is used on the prisoners? I sent it to Tom and the letter was rejected and sent back to me.  "They" can gas prisoners but they are not allowed to know what it is or what it does to their bodies.

I'd like to ask readers a favor just for me. Someone has written Tom that this blog isn't very good or done well . And I misspell things. Please write me with any suggestions how I might improve. This is an ad free blog I do not make money here ever.

I do not have a clue why anyone would put down this blog. Hey! we are # 3! Again it is you readers that have made this blog. Thank you

Now on to the topic of Mental Health. Tom had mentioned to me he was feeling low. I know in winter it is hard for us. These isolated prisoners have no way of grounding themselves. It pains me to think of the lack of touching the earth. To me it is like when in years past I see a lion ape or bear surrounded by concrete. We know grounding with the earth is essential. Tom is a vegetarian, so hopefully that helps(no angry food). Tom told me it was because of him that the vegetarian choice had been made available to other prisoners; I encourage  any to write him and ask about this, it is very interesting.

I will add the B.O.P. health director's address here and the director

My letter to them will include reminding that good health physical and mental comes from the ability to touch and see Mother earth.

I welcome any ideas and/or suggestions even criticism

 This is the B.O.P. website.

  Mark S. Inch    is  the director of Federal Bureau Of Prisons

Dr. Deborah G. Schult  is Assistant Director
 Health Services Division 
address to desired recipient and use the address below

Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First St., NW
Washington, DC 20534

by Tom given to a man that helped us get to visit

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