Wednesday, September 16, 2020

 Anthony Martinez

please click his name and watch video

He must be released

I hope people will write the governor  of  Colorado

john hickenlooper click he has facebook twitter etc

thank you

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Tommy Silverstein original art

This is one of the last drawing Tommy created for me which was intended to be sold on our shop Prisons of Love he made the logo. For information on this piece please click Tommy Silverstein
I know everyone wants to believe or see scary sad images he created but most of what he did for me was expressions of what words could not describe. Furthermore, people think I am a murder groupie,
this could not be further from the truth. I met Tom because of his art and the fact I was appalled by his torture at the hands of our own country. So many still suffer. below is just one example posted on
Pelican BAY state Prison
Pelican BAY state Prison on FaceBook
Please do not forget about these prisoners.
And help me in remembering Tommy as resilient and they could not kill his mind.
Tom's good friend Carol Strick, helps me through the days. And I still
can not thank Laura Rovner enough for all her help and support and of course Pete Earley
Pete Earley
ase share this !!
Send the letter!!!
Let's end the torture!

State Sanctioned Torture MUST END
Please send this letter to all state politicians and representatives and get others to as well.
Governor Newsom, et al
I am writing to you today addressing a serious problem affecting my incarcerated loved one and other prisoners in the same living quarters, who are also being affected in the same way. I am more than well aware many other prisoners in other housing units and yards in this facility and other California facilities have endured the abuses administered by state employees. Prisons being understaffed and struggling to hold new staff should be a red flag on so many levels. Primarily, it is a hostile work environment to staff as well as prisoners. Prison yards remain highly overpopulated, and mixing yards that were previously separated for safety, doesn’t show any regard for safety or accountability from the higher ups as well.
Beyond the exploits of violence, this is a general idea of what cruel and unconstitutional actions by prison employees on inmates include:
•enforcing conflict amongst disagreeing prison “sub communities”
•imposing manufactured unbearable atmospheric environments
•Ignoring court orders, denying due process,
•Withholding medical, refusing adequate treatment as punishment
•Withholding mail, losing 602s (formal complaints), and not allowing access to law libraries
•denying privileges, extending SHU terms without accountability and against policy
•sabotaging rehabilitative efforts
•creating rumors to further hostilities amongst inmates, using dropouts and snitches as weapons
•being opportunistic with Title 15 and DOM wherever the vague language gives them means to undermine by “interpreting” the letter of the law in such a way to further a sadistic turpitude agenda
I am not asking, I am BEGGING you to enforce humane changes to policy and procedure.
I can only hope you do not condone or support the actions of what is known as “the Green Wall”, but you need to be made aware it is very much alive and acting in its repugnant, renegade and Machiavellian code.
Please take a hard look at what is really being done inside these institutions Torturing those already living in prison is in no way anything even remotely, “corrective” or “rehabilitative”.
Keeping prisoners in abusive living conditions and denying due process in legal matters is systemic torture.
State sanctioned Torture MUST END!!!
I thank you for your immediate and thorough attention to this matter.
My loved one is at California State Prison:
Housed in building :
These are the unacceptable conditions that my loved one and their neighbors are forced to live in:"

Please let me know if any of my links do not work
Thank you
* Please remember NO ONE should be using Tommy's name there is NO "official blog" and what the hell is a Webmaster?

Friday, August 9, 2019

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Tommy Silverstein one last post

Thank you to all that have sent a good word to me.
Tommy came home to me today. Sadly because of veiled threats from a few.
I am sending everything from Tommy off to a friend of ours in the UK.
Unlike so many I want no profit from Tommy, he was the valuable part of my life
I want him back, it's not possible, but these very things that bring me beautiful remembrances  I do not want him stolen or exploited. So I bravely part with the biggest and dearest part of my life.

As I have replied to so many kind people today I thought how important each one was to Tommy.

This very blog was started by a lovely activist Peg Swan in Wisconsin, 20 years ago. She graciously allowed me to keep it up for Tommy. She wanted to make sure Tom's art was seen by everyone.
Another of Tom's friends Carol sent me a lovely article with a painting Tom did that I've never seen.
She believes it was sold from Canadian art show to a buyer in Louisiana some years ago, the title is "Despair"
How wonderful it would be to see more of his art.
All the images posted on this site before I started to write have been stolen and used all over the net
without permission or even request. Shame on all of them. This is why we will probably never see any of his art anymore because of intellectual property thieves.
I  watermarked everything I post for this reason.
See an amazing piece of Art should go right here.
So it will be; good bye Tommy you are tangled into my hair, heart, mind, body and soul
"Tangled in my hair" by Tommy Silverstein 2012
©Renée Silverstein

Thank you all again 
and remember Tommy is gone no one collects money for him and no one speaks for him

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Tommy Silverstein a memorial

©Renee Silverstein
Thank you to my daughter-in-law for putting this tribute video together for me
in my grief, I am unable to think.

It has been 3 weeks since Tommy left us.
There have been articles posted everywhere but they very are upsetting, I will not be sharing any of them.
 I know Tommy not as their "killer" headlines proclaim. I know Tommy as an amazing, resilient, loving, thoughtful, sensitive, artistic, talented, tortured by cruelty of isolation, humorous and strong man.
 This video shares some of  the family pictures, letters, and art he sent me over the years. Just a wee bit, the media has stolen our privacy by using stolen images, misquotes and assumptions. There is nothing Tommy kept from me. Though Tommy and I did not ever talk of gangs or murder; we are artists that shared a special bond.
 I have, to my delight; heard stories from people who's lives were saved by Tommy. And it was because of him a vegetarian diet is offered to other prisoners.
 Tommy basically, lived in a bathroom, but got up everyday with a purpose and a goal. How many people do you know that can show such mental strength?
 We were planning our next visit for this year. And he thought he might be able to be moved closer to me. He also had another goal that other prisoners in his situation, should have more phone calls. ADX only allows 2, 15 minute calls a month, which of course the prisoner pays to use the phone. The point is that prisoners "never getting out" should be allowed more time to talk. This is the Tommy I knew; always working toward bettering himself and others. There are no words to express the loss and anguish I feel over losing him. Rest well Tommy we miss you
Tommy did not enter the system as a killer he was turned into a killer.
©All rights reserved by Renee Silverstein
This video may not be shared or used by anyone other than Renee Silverstein
There is no other blog no "official" blog, if you see one its just for exploitation.
Before T past he wanted it removed, as the person calling themselves a  webmaster
did not follow Tom's instructions
Thank you
I want to also thank BOP Tom's unit manager for calling me to update final arrangements
* no one is collecting any money, thanks to all that have offered.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Tommy Silverstein the bitter end

It is bitter and agonizing. They kept him shackled until the bitter end.

Medical staff asked if he could be uncuffed, they got a resounding no.

Our last conversation he told me he kept insisting on his results, to which one C.O.

replied "Why you afraid to die?" He sent same conversation to his cousin, he was in pain couldn't breathe...

Then there was no more communication from him after January 19th, until I got a call

from ADX Tom's unit manager Mr. Charles Porco, saying Tom was not recovering from surgery(that I didn't even know he had) I flew to Denver saw him the 27th, he was not awake, I spoke to his surgeon, Tom had had a heart attack the surgeon said he was full of blood his heart bleeding so badly; I could only stay 24 hours.

Then steady updates from Laura Rovner until May 6th he had deteriorated so much, once again I went to Denver, I saw him the 9th, BOP graciously gave me 2 hours, he desperately tried to communicate, signing "COP, COP, COP" in the 1st visit hour 9-10am, he mouthed words but could not speak because of trachea. His hand pulling mine was surprisingly strong which gave me hope. 

But the afternoon 2-3pm he still trying to mouth words I told him "I love you forever and always he mouthed "forever" then he just could only sign "PAIN, PAIN, PAIN" 

I told him I had to go; he motioned me closer and was able to raise his head a bit as I strained over the bed, just enough for a kiss him good-bye

 Tom listed me as his next-of-kin, so with only kind support has been from Laura Rover I wait on the BOP.
Tommy died May 11th, then BOP coroner has to identify body, then his handlers at ADX can release his body.

Now day 3 dawning more waiting on the BOP, so I can make the arrangements
it is the final story of Tommy Silverstein strongest person I have ever known.
Tommy was not a footnote in my life, but the love of my life, and I his, Forever and Always.
©Renee Silverstein
After all this I wrote a few weeks back, I'm still waiting on BOP. I finally was able to sign all the documents May 17th. The 16th the prison could not even tell me where his body was, but I found him on my own. So during these weeks wanting to grieve for Tommy there is no closure there is still much to do.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Thomas E. Silverstein whom I love

Please give me time to deal with BOP and ADX before I share our story.
This is just a short announcement. My Tommy  passed yesterday, I will be making arrangements
starting Monday.
So much to say, but the blinding tears make it impossible.
Again I can always be reached
I will post his last photograph and art after I have mourned
thank you he appreciated his "pals"

Sunday, February 10, 2019

new inmate mail rules for adx supermax

many of us have had our mail returned here are the rules

Monday, November 12, 2018

Reminder from Tommy Silverstein How to send Federal inmate money

Thank you all the write and ask how you can send money.
The best way is to go to the BOP website

It explains how to send using MoneyGram, Western Union and postal money order
Tom is not allowed to receive anything other than a letter through the mail.
He is only allowed to purchase what he needs through the prison.

Please take the time to visit the Bureau of Prisons website.
It is very easy for anyone to use in U.S. or outside U.S.
Again thank you all for your support, generosity and kindness.

No the postal money order does not go to ADX but to a lock box in Iowa
please visit the website.
Thank you

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

For supporters not in U.S how to send Tommy Silverstein money directly

Tom has asked us to try to help those outside of U.S. to understand and know how they can send him money personally.
The problem is you all must go to these places, can not be done on-line or over phone.

Money Gram Its run by our Post Office, bit more complicated than Western Union, another you can't do on line, if your Post Office does it, they should help you, might be a bit different than ours(UK), sorry cant be more helpful~Barri

and also from our friend Barri in the UK that has no problem sending Tom money.

Western Union
any store / shop that deals with Western Union. tell them its for a federal inmate in USA. account number is the inmates 8 digit number, with no spaces or dashes. attention line, inmates full name. code city is always FBOP, DC. cant do it over the phone anymore, Western Union will show you your nearest Western Union outlet. Hope that helps.~Barri
Thank you Barri!!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Reader's call to action for Tommy Silverstein

A Twitter follower emailed me here is his message to me

" I contacted Donald on twitter about a pardon for Tommy The way I see it the more people who do helps his chances I briefly explained guards were busting his balls try to get him killed I call it Gladiator City to survive for entertainment for guards and make Time go hard for Tommy ! Prisoners are sent to prison for punishment not to BE punished by the system & Guards.. Try what ya got to lose ?"-- Uncle Bob Thank you from me and all that support Tom...
If you are not aware of "Gladiator school" there are videos on YouTube and 2 good movies one is Felon
the other is the new movie Shot Caller

My opinion echos Uncle Bob, prison is the punishment everything else is torture!

There needs to be a halt to solitary confinement, isolation, mental and physical abuse

So I along with T's cousin and friends in UK will be emailing the president.
We are planning the first Friday of August then every Friday until we have a reply.
My personal advice on writing government officials is to keep it short and respectful and do not ask a question( this will generate a form reply. Instead, state your opinion and desire for change.
Any question please ask me.

here is the link to email Write or call White House

I do not follow the president on twitter but I will find link if anyone would like to tweet the prez on behalf of Tommy, Donald J. Trump twitter
Thank you any questions write

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

ADX inmate Bulletin Tommy Silverstein

 The acting Warden is P. Klien
address and link for ADX staff is:

PO BOX 8500

Tom's address is
Tom Silverstein #14634-116
 USP AD MAX   unitD
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226-8500

Any questions about who to write or where
just email me

scanned bulletin and note from Tom

Monday, March 12, 2018

Tommy Silverstein update

Thank you to all that reach out to us on twitter  @tommy_renee and facebook 

Tom let me know his book is coming along and is having a lot of success getting his manuscript out.

I'll ask him for an excerpt.

Recently he woke to the gas I have written about before. I guess it is ok to gas everyone.The gas for the offending prisoner permeates to all surrounding prisoners. Causes vomiting disorientation, gagging, sore throat, nausea...

Did I mention that I looked up the gas that is used on the prisoners? I sent it to Tom and the letter was rejected and sent back to me.  "They" can gas prisoners but they are not allowed to know what it is or what it does to their bodies.

I'd like to ask readers a favor just for me. Someone has written Tom that this blog isn't very good or done well . And I misspell things. Please write me with any suggestions how I might improve. This is an ad free blog I do not make money here ever.

I do not have a clue why anyone would put down this blog. Hey! we are # 3! Again it is you readers that have made this blog. Thank you

Now on to the topic of Mental Health. Tom had mentioned to me he was feeling low. I know in winter it is hard for us. These isolated prisoners have no way of grounding themselves. It pains me to think of the lack of touching the earth. To me it is like when in years past I see a lion ape or bear surrounded by concrete. We know grounding with the earth is essential. Tom is a vegetarian, so hopefully that helps(no angry food). Tom told me it was because of him that the vegetarian choice had been made available to other prisoners; I encourage  any to write him and ask about this, it is very interesting.

I will add the B.O.P. health director's address here and the director

My letter to them will include reminding that good health physical and mental comes from the ability to touch and see Mother earth.

I welcome any ideas and/or suggestions even criticism

 This is the B.O.P. website.

  Mark S. Inch    is  the director of Federal Bureau Of Prisons

Dr. Deborah G. Schult  is Assistant Director
 Health Services Division 
address to desired recipient and use the address below

Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First St., NW
Washington, DC 20534

by Tom given to a man that helped us get to visit

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Visit with Tommy Silverstein ADX

First Tom wants to thank everyone that helped us to get to this dream moment.
Tom was allowed to call me May 15th, to tell me they approved me for 18,19,20
So my cousin who drove me; we left the 16th. Whew! Talk about last minute!!

ADX was very easy to find, set behind 3 other prisons. I could see the water tower of ADX from my motel room.* see image below
From the gate to the entry desk pleasant, professional staff. I am still in shock I was approved, because prisoners are usually restricted to family and those they knew before prison
Upon entering filling out the paper work, through metal detector and a slight swipe of my clothing
with a wand to detect any explosive residue, ultraviolet stamp on back of the hand; there were no hiccups, issues or problems. When the officer at desk called down to tell them I was there for "approved" visit. Hearing it, the word "Approved"
The lobby of ADX was like entering an upscale lodge, clean, shiny.
Visits are listed as 8:30am to 3pm but you may get about 4 hours.
I had to wait a bit for an escort to visiting room, going through heavy electronic door, then 37 steps down stairs to next huge electronic steel door, where the stamp on hand is inspected. the huge door slides open to a 75 step walk to another steel door, once unlocked and opened, we were led into a spacious clean shiny room to the right the guard office that has glass you can not see into,4 closed windowless rooms for legal visits.  There are cameras everywhere, too many to count.
The far side of room there were 10 booths I was told I'd be at the #8 window. After a 2 hour wait; Tom was brought to me
shackled but thankfully the tight shackles that left marks on his wrists were removed, no leg shackles. But a woman there visiting her son had to visit her son shackled and watch his hands swell.
Meeting Tom I was so surprised how tall he is; I knew he is 6'2". But seeing him fill up his side of the glass was very surprising.
 He had to dial a series of numbers on the phone on his side of glass to ring the one on my side.
Tom's side of the glass
Tom's resilient demeanor was amazing and his easy smile and infectious laugh, inspired me.
On 2nd visit he got down on one knee and proposed to me; he said he wanted to do it right. Oh my God, I was blown away. He asked me 5 years ago on the phone.
The process for visiting was repeated 2 more times I visited 3 days in a row.
We never ran out of conversation just time. He was told there were certain things he was not allowed to discuss with me. One being the book he is writing.
Tom talked about his desire to further his education I had no idea there is no longer funding for prisoners to study.
The whole place shined so brightly trying to see him was a bit hard from the glare on the window, which was smudged by our fingers against the glass. Looking all the world like a history teacher, pushing his glasses up on his nose. to see the phone and enter code.
Front entrance
 Sadly for other prisoners; there were few visitors. In the 3 days there were only 4 other people there as visitors.
I would like to say if anyone has a loved one there please go visit them, Florence is a lovely town. My accommodations were 1/2 a mile from the prison at the Super 8 which actually sits on the same road. as the prison.
My last day we waved good bye Tom tears sneaking out of his brown eyes mustered a smile and blew kisses. I waited until I was in car before I broke down.
Again the most important thing Tommy wanted us to convey is our humble thanks to all who helped us be together. That includes Warden Fox, Tom's unit manager and counselor.
view from my room ADX is behind those far buildings

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tommy granted visit GoFundMe Campaign Initiated


Tommy has requested I start a gofundme campaign TommyVisitor GoFundMe
please go to the gofundme and read his plea.

Tom Silverstein has written "Dear Friends, Family and supporters,
Many of you may know, I am the longest held Federal prisoner in solitary confinement
I've been down since 1975 and isolated since 1983
I have not had a visit in 10 years, mainly due to prison officials prohibiting it. However my fiancé  and I have been granted a one time visit, finally! Unfortunately, can not afford all of it, so I need your help to fly her cross country, besides her health her car is old and driving would not be safe.
To assure I receive your support personally please follow instructions.(above)
We would truly appreciate your help thank you so much for making our dream come true!"
Tom and I have fought for 5 years to be allowed this ONE time visit. So I hope we get some help our visit is scheduled for May, I am in Michigan and of course he is in CO.
If nothing else please wish us luck and send up your prayers!
Letter is from Tom Silverstein
thank you
Tom's letter to everyone
On Facebook there was a skeptic regarding the ONE time visit so I will explain 5 years it took, People in Federal prison can only have visits from those they have known before they went to prison I have only known Tom for 10 years and because of his lack of visitors they will allow me 1 visit. as I said its taken 5 years to make them understand after 30+ years most the people Tom knew are dead. I have been a close faithful frienbd for 10 years Tom asked me to marry him that is another dream we will have to put on hold, just to get this visit.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Bible verse considered disruptive

Where do I begin to tell the stress, unnerved, anguish, stomach ache, anxiety over this newest harrassment by the B.O.P.? I send Tommy my art, he's better than me; I ask him to fix, edit or recreate
So I sent (art below) with Bible verse; he redid art with verse it was confiscated sent to FBI, now Tom is receiving a shot. Because, verse is considered "disruptive". Tom has asked me not to send Bible verses anymore. Now whether you are a Christian or not this seems like undo harassment.
I can not sleep. What can be done? Last post I listed ACLU address I got letter from them they can't help "not enough funds" I wrote Jay Sekulow an email I have not heard back.
 Any one interested in giving me advice it would be greatly appreciated
I certainly do not know how much more stress I can take. I believe this is another tactic of the BOP to make sure these people have no supporters. At his disciplary hearing Tommy will have to say where he got Bible verse, now will I be under scrutiny? Because of the Bible?
The censors name is Bilbrey at ADX Florence Co.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

ADX Tommy Silverstein Death of an Artist?

we will not be seeing anymore of this beautiful art by Tommy Silverstein
Since Tom has started writing his story, the prison, censor and other officials have continuously try to make his life more unbearable. They began taking his art for nefarious reasons. Anything going out of the prison.
Tom will spend a month on a drawing; for a friend or his book; he wanted to include art to express what he can not express always in word.  So far at least 3 pieces have been confiscated and not returned.The most recent, my Christmas present, a month's work, extra postage for receipt; posted Dec 5th 2016 (given to CO who gives it to censor). By January 5th 2017 receipt never came back he sent message to censor for answers. Finally around January 11th "they" came to calm him down and told him my gift had been confiscated(taken) and sent to the FBI. Tom had to really press for answer as to why. All he was told was there were 3 birds in the drawing.

To me the BOPPERS are looking at Tom's art like children look at clouds i.e; 'Look I see a bunny"
What they see is gang related, which there is none.
Tommy has announced to me he will no longer be drawing or creating art, he says "I will not give them the satisfaction"
Here is an excerpt from a recent letter;
I believe that ADX has killed this brilliant artist. My heart breaks for him and all that love his art.
If you are fortunate enough to own any of Tom's art, cherish it.

I am guessing the Feds have a very valuable collection of Tommy Silverstein's stolen art for made up, nefarious reason. Just another way to torture him. Just Much ado about nothing. And now because "they" have tormented him by stealing his art, "they" have killed him.

Before hearing what happened to my gift; I wrote Postmaster General 
(though he has no jurisdiction over prisoner mail) and BOP director Thomas Kane PhD and ADX; I only received response from Postmaster reminding me he has nothing to do with prison mail, he did offer this address to me that they might help. Our mail takes 14 to 30 days to reach each other the address for help is

 The address for the ACLU National Prison Project is 915 15th St NW, Washington, DC  20005-6016 or you can contact the ACLU at (202) 393-493
Tom made his mittens, they are not provided winter coats, glove boots...
Thank you 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Tommy Silverstein Federal Correctional resolution forms

To resolve being inadvertently gassed; Tom must file paper work... There is 12 pages, of hand written forms. Thank God Tom is still resilient after all he's still enduring and is able to file this mess of paperwork, Which will probably be ignored. This is what it looks like.










If any of this is not readable please leave a comment and I will transcribe from document

Friday, October 7, 2016

ACLU Statement on Federal Solitary

Please write!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Tommy Silverstein reports ADX gasses prisoners again

Last week they gassed prisoners twice now Tom writes:
(Tom draws sad faces to express the sadness of situation..)
This is transcribed (with permission) from a recent letter; Tommy writes and says "...looks like the gassing stopped for a while, so I can breathe (literally) a whole lot better." he continues "I guess the guy on hunger strike ended it. But I suspect not because he got his medical problems taken care of. Most likely he didn't want to face the goon squad and gas and starvation any longer. ): Its a hell of a way to go to try and get proper medical care here and still fail. ): 
I'm on a 12 man range, but only talk to 3 other guys. A couple rarely leave their cell that I don't talk to anyway and another guy next to me, never leaves his cell.
This may give you an idea what its like for me in a rat infested unit with mentally ill and most despicable folks you ever want to not know in this unit and why they put me here. )< When you hear about G.P.(general population) its not like you may see on TV. We're locked in our cell 24-22 hours daily and go out twice weekly in smelly dog cages for 2 hours Whoopee! Ha!
At least today I'm not forced to suffocate, choke, vomit and feel my eyes and flesh burn, for several hours, while my oppressors get their kicks at our expense."
My commentary is that I am sickened and appalled by the treatment of these people.
I call again for any and all to write to officials demanding the torture to stop.
Be respectful of their offices but do not mince words that this torture must stop. I added Tom's art here to remind people he and those in the cages with him are human beings!

atrocities must stop!
Warden: Fox                           "Fox" is all Tommy told me
       U.S.P. Florence Admin
      P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226
Phone (719) 784-9464

Regional director Sara Revell
            400 State Avenue Suite # 800
            Kansas City, KS. 66101

Bureau of Prisons Director:  Thomas R. Kane PhD.
                        320 First St. NW
Washington, D.C. 20534

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

ADX library no books

Tommy mentioned to me the Law library for prisoners no longer has books. The books were removed. The prisoners must use a computer. Many do not know how to use a computer. So in effect it hinders prisoners from helping themselves. Tom had some difficult moments learning. He explains the tutorial says "why mouse click..." he said at first he's thinking "whats a mouse?, whats click? click what..." BOP hinders anything and everything a prisoner could possibly achieve.

I spoke to Tom tonight, his voice ragged, he's still effected by the gas that was sprayed.  I found the sound of his voice very upsetting. The noticeable irritation perhaps damage the gas has caused him.
But as usual Tommy's good natured resilient self shown through. Teasing me that he will call me "Church Lady".
He also shared his feeling of being alone; I believe caused by the fact that ADX is trying its best to keep his voice silent against the torture that goes on there. I told him he is not alone; 98,000 people have visited this blog and many visit facebook as well.
 I had not realized there is no privacy at ADX every cell has a camera, I have asked myself, if there are cameras at all times why the shake downs, cell tossing, box cuffs, strip searches to sit at the window for legal visit, how is it possible for the suicides and self mutilations? Too many questions about this house of horrors