Tuesday, September 13, 2016

ADX library no books

Tommy mentioned to me the Law library for prisoners no longer has books. The books were removed. The prisoners must use a computer. Many do not know how to use a computer. So in effect it hinders prisoners from helping themselves. Tom had some difficult moments learning. He explains the tutorial says "why mouse click..." he said at first he's thinking "whats a mouse?, whats click? click what..." BOP hinders anything and everything a prisoner could possibly achieve.

I spoke to Tom tonight, his voice ragged, he's still effected by the gas that was sprayed.  I found the sound of his voice very upsetting. The noticeable irritation perhaps damage the gas has caused him.
But as usual Tommy's good natured resilient self shown through. Teasing me that he will call me "Church Lady".
He also shared his feeling of being alone; I believe caused by the fact that ADX is trying its best to keep his voice silent against the torture that goes on there. I told him he is not alone; 98,000 people have visited this blog and many visit facebook as well.
 I had not realized there is no privacy at ADX every cell has a camera, I have asked myself, if there are cameras at all times why the shake downs, cell tossing, box cuffs, strip searches to sit at the window for legal visit, how is it possible for the suicides and self mutilations? Too many questions about this house of horrors

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