Saturday, May 21, 2016

ADX steals Tommy Silverstein's art and manuscript

There is nothing that ADX won't do to stop Tommy from telling his story.
After many years of concerned and caring folks asking Tommy to finally tell his story & let the public really know what’s going on for the past 32+years in isolation, I will transcribe his words in the first person as he has written it to me.

Tom started writing his story, chapter 1 was not allowed out for “security” reasons; Tom paid for certified postage, to be sent to Pete Earley the author; Almost a month and a half went by with no return receipt, so Tom began to write the censor what are called COPOUTS, to find out what happened to his manuscript. It took the SIS or censor at least a week to tell Tom that it had been “confiscated”. Now another month later he is told the manuscript is “lost”, the censor said she “sent it back to him”, well “surprise, surprise” he didn’t get it. And he was finally told it was rejected because he “describes procedures, ha ha, what BS. . God forbid if folks know how I’m cuffed when I leave & enter the cell” Tom then muses “They show all that on Lock-up but ADX is different? Ha ha we know that’s not the real reason”

 Now if that wasn’t enough 3 of Tommy’s drawings were also “confiscated” for containing “gang related” material, Tom has no idea what they mean by “gang related” even asking them “What’s gang related?”, She “wouldn’t” say, so Tommy asked. “What can’t I draw, so they stop stealing my art?” She the SIS/censor said “You know” (here he draws little confused face) “I have never drawn gang related stuff, for this reason, but suddenly now these new SIS techs claim my 3 drawings are “full of it!!”  That’s why I know its BS because I don’t do it, is why they are making it up. (angry face) Tommy describes the drawings; one drawing is a dark, black and white evil depiction of ADX. Another is a female warrior & last is a Geisha with a dragon on her kimono.
Tommy’s currently appealing these “thefts & retaliation”, (I agree with him, there’s no real reason except to steal his art), for trying to expose the depravity of ADX and what he is subjected to.

Tommy spends weeks on a drawing putting his heart and soul into it and for it to be taken from him for bogus reasons is sick and twisted.
My question to readers is Have any of you ever seen any of Tommy's art depicting anything remotely gang related?
One of Tommy's recent drawings to me


Tommy says to tell you we will keep you all posted. I’ll post copies of his appeals so you all can read it for yourselves.

Tommy is shaken up and angry, I get angry reading it and rereading it, trying to think of how I can help.

Tommy has not asked for help but I got so mad I wrote the Director of the BOP. No reply not a surprise.  The key to writing any prison authority is do not ask a question, if you ask a question they will send you a form letter citing a rule. I tell them what I am appalled by, insisted upon an investigation.

Here’s his address.

Thomas R. Kane, Ph.D.
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First St., NW
Washington, DC 20534 

Phone:(202) 307-3198

Per the BOP inmates are allowed to write a manuscript 5350.27


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