Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Torturing the isolated has deadly consequences

Robert L. Hoffmann was the 2nd C.O. killed October 22, 1983.
And a quote from his obituary on the B.O.P.  web-site is "While it is believed that inmate Fountain was inspired by the killing of Officer Merle E. Clutts earlier that same day in the same unit, this murder was determined to be unrelated." So let's start looking at that fact.

The first, that day was Merle E. Clutts, Tom Silverstein's side of the story is that it was a personal beef between the 2 of them. Hopefully, over the next few days or weeks I am going to find other prisoners that were isolated and were tortured to such extremes they lashed out
Now go back to the death of Vern M. Jarvis January 26, 1969
He decided to punish and torture a man who was already being punished and tortured by taking away his candy, fruit, and magazines; Clutt's had taken away Tom's art supplies, threatened to kill him...we know the story, ( the story no one cares about).

I have a son that is a public servant so the words "Killed-in-the-line-of-duty" are chilling, sad and painful. But if a fire fighter set a fire that took his life, there is no scapegoat. If a fire fighter chooses to shut the door on someone needing help, he'd be a monster, that's not his job. A fire-fighter job is to rescue, a C.O.'s job is to guard, C.O.s need to remember their jobs. Not add dictator, sadist, and instigator to their jobs.
My opinion from these fractured one-sided stories, is that some CO.'s get pleasure or kicks from torturing people already tortured and losing their minds in isolation.
What we see more of is people hurting themselves as they are brutally tortured mentally and physically. Recently at ADX a prisoner was not receiving his mail, I can not talk about all that happened suffice to say With-holding the mail has been their favorite, one part is pure laziness of the person appointed to pick it up and carry it to the prisoner. These people are treated so much like animals it does not matter if they get their mail.
Mail is a story all by it self.
It's late I have some research.
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