Saturday, September 12, 2015

Torturing the isolated continued

At the end of this story I literally gasped. Please read the whole story here
A mouse and a murder
Here  is an excerpt:

" I had written a complaint against a SHU officer (for all the no good it would do) days before Mouse was killed, and in the days that followed he would let me know that it was he who had done the deed. I had known it immediately anyway, before he began taunting me about my friend’s bloody death.
On top of the sadness I felt over the loss of my buddy, I was angry in a monumental way, the Irish in me working its curse through a fiery temperament. I thought about making a counterattack on the man in blue who had murdered Mouse to punish me for writing what was a totally truthful complaint, but in the end I chose to handle the blow without riposte rather than get myself in serious trouble by serving the cop the comeuppance that he rightly deserved. Back then, in my younger and more foolish days, I did not always make this sort of smart choice: I did not always let an injustice or misdeed be served up to me without seeking to make the one who had served it wish to God that he had not, no matter what the consequences of the payback might be.
But we live and learn, and if we are smart we gain some wisdom along the way. I like to think that I have.
A complaint about one's treatment and going through correct channels usually leads to retaliation. I have written before about complaining about very late mail weeks to a month old then after complaint I receive mutilated mail, and I am a free  person.

Thank you for reading if you have a story please leave comment


Anonymous said...

This is so sad. We need to abolish solitary confinement in the USA. Is Renee Silverstein his daughter, wife? He is lucky to have an advocate that has a website up like this to educate!

Renée Silverstein said...

Tommy calls me wife; our anniversary is November 23rd. When I was younger I had more energy SW. and the commenters are a wealth of hope and resources. And even though he rarely receives the comment support, everything is sent back.
I am so curious about the Morris vs Traviano case someone posted.
This time of year is hard on Tom and I. The holidays his children's birthdays then his own. This year he seems to be doing very well, he is writing and drawing, the drawings will be in te book.
He has a co/author I am so excited.
thank you for writing

Renée Silverstein said...

P.S. @ Anonymous.
You kind comment has boosted my resolve to post Tom's recent experience in the hole.
The full story will be in his book.
Thank you again
please don't hesitate to share our blog

nate zee said...

I would like to write he allowed to receive mail?

Renée Silverstein said...

nate yes
Tommy Silverstein #14634-116 D 312
U.S.P. Max
P.O. box 8500
Florence, CO 81226-8500
P.S. If you do not hear back don't be worried.
Tom's mail takes about 3 weeks to get to him.
And right now he's very involved in his art.
He's told me he's behind on his correspondence