Sunday, February 1, 2015

Prisoner survives more than 10,000 days of isolation

From Solitary Watch  to the Huffington Post, West World, the list reporting on isolation grows
More and more isolation. Then there's
Tommy Silverstein waiting for 31 years to be allowed out of isolation if "they" can keep him that long; where's the hope for the rest? He hasn't gone crazy, mutilated or killed himself so "they" think that isolation is ok. Pray for Tommy Pray for this country stay informed, raise your voice against this injustice, We are citizens of this country even if we are in prison.

I have become desensitized to the stories of those in for 24 hours, 30 days, 90 days because for Tom Silverstein its their stories x 363 more probably He's been isolated for more than 10,000 days. I believe until he's out of isolation no one else will be safe from it After all "they" see Tom and say "see its ok, people can survive it, its not torture"
Solitary Watch and others have done the story of the new Supermax Thomson prison, a currently disused facility in northwest Illinois. click Solitary Watch link to see full story.
Do I have suggestion, or resource? No I'm completely broken down mentally by the futility that is Tommy Silverstein's unending torture. My mind can not truly wrap around what he continues to endure I would love suggestion, petition anything to get him into the step down program all other prisoners at ADX are allowed. Please write me at attn: Tommy Silverstein
Thank you for reading please write your elected officials something I do constantly for 5 years and never ever have gotten responses.


Rick said...

Tommy is one strong person. I pray for your release brother someday.I spent time in 13 prisons in California and Nevada got a indeterminate SHU program in San Quentin after being accused of stabbing one of my 1992 I was released in 1995.I done many years in the Hole Solitary Confinement nowhere as long as you my brother.I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for your release to GP someday soon I pray.I have read and followed your story I did 20 years in 13 prisons and been home now 4 years,crime free drug free.I work for a non profit organization that helps kids get on the right path from jails Gangs and crime and punishment. I turned my life over to our Savior and now serve God and I'm saved now by His grace & mercy. I will be praying for you brother Tommy.Richard "Bumper" Hartley Jr.

Rick said...

Cruel and unusual punishment is against the law.Terrible Tommy has a checkered Past but deserves to be released from solitary confinement is my opinion.Has he killed people they say he has.And from what he has said he does not deny 2 out of the 3 murders he has been convicted and sentenced on.He has been a model prisoner for 2 decades.He needs to be released to General population to serve The remainder of his natural life, he has been punished,tortured and treated inhumanity for way too long.I have done 2 decades in 13 prisons and was an alleged member of the Aryan Brotherhood in San Quentin in 1992 after stabbing a homeboy in General Population.I was given a indeterminate Security Housing unit program and I never debriefed to go to the GP.As they told me that was my only relief when I appealed there decision. To know prison officials.The Special Services Unit accused me of carrying out a gang hit which was all propganda and prisoncrat bull crap.I support you tommy for you to get the relief you surely got comming.your freedom from isolation.I have followed your story for quite some time.I been home now in California after doing 10 years in Nevadas Prison system.Im now saved by grace and mercy.I been staying grounded in the free world for 4 years Now and Im a part of a Non profit organization called Gang Awareness & Prevention who mentors troubled Youth in the Youth Detention Facility here in the Capitol.I pray and hope for your release as you have endured more than most and your inner strength is amazing brother.Hang in there and keep up the good fight.Im a supporter Free Tommy from Isolation.

Anonymous said...

Reading.... Can't sleep. Thoughts after reading article. This is is a justice system that sees a man in prison killed while he is at work. ( the guard) his family will never see him again. Only in photo's; of time that is passed. frozen in time if you will.
Now is it a punishment to be locked away from family and loved ones? YES IT IS. Isn't it a added punishment to be locked away for a crime that is one punishment a double punishment to be locked away in solitary confinement for the same crime. Double punishment for the same crime. DOUBLE JEOPARDY. It's a long shot I'm sure. It would change how prisoners are punished. say my child were to mess up and I would send them to their room while I figure a appropriate punishment to fit the act. (Jail) then the punishment comes in. X amount of time is the first thing punishment one I rule how much time. one week! For.... Stealing! One week of grounding. To think about stealing and why you can't be trusted to go any place because you have sticky fingers. Then while being grounded, my kid messed up again not the same mess up, but broke a rule and did not feed the fish. Now it's dead. Not the same crime. My kid is already being punished and now it's getting worse not listing to the no stealing and now not giving concern for another life on this planet. Poor fish it was not hunting him he was not in fear for his life was my son? The fish was not hunting him or attacking him. Hey. My kid is going to get his back porch painted red. I am going to bring down momma wrath. momma don't play that. You better ask some body. But I am not going to never buy my kid a fish again ever. Or let him out of punishment. I think we need to think if the crime or punishments are lagit. does the crime fit the punishment? Also, where does the money go from the sale of tommy's art? The article said he doesn't see the money. So who's pockets do the sales from his art line?

Renée Silverstein said...

@Anonymous Well said, sadly "the money" doesn't line a pocket and to say exactly who, what, when, where; would mean his art would never get out of the prison. At present his art may only go to someone on his visit list. And if you read latest post you will see his art was recently stolen/"confiscated".
Because of who Tom is the blogs and any mention of his name does bring the FEDs around.
And most messages from here never make it to him they are rejected as "3rd party communication" therefore a security threat.