Thursday, April 2, 2015

From Richard Hartley

I've added Richard's comment to me, because like so many prisoners, after decades they are not the same as they were when they were young. Tom Silverstein is not a 20 year old angry kid anymore. He's done his time and some. I am a different person from what I was a young woman, physically and mentally we all change.
Tom should be allowed out of isolation and into a step down program like everyone else.
Here's Richard's comment:
""Resilience" is a under statement of His mental capacity.Some human beings have a Strength that is unbelievable and  that's T.
From what he has "endured" is amazing and remarkable...Thats what intrigued me to respond seriously.I want a opportunity to get to know him."
To Richard: You will be glad to know him. He is amazing. Thank you



Sonni Quick said...

I read an arrival about Tommy at solitary watch, which I've been reading for several years. I author a blog at about Jamie Cummings, currently at Huntsville. I'm writing a book about his life, "Inside the Forbidden Outside". Reading this experience knowing everything I do, from hundreds of letters, and research has brought me to the point of knowing this is the work I'm meant to do. Regardless of what brought a man to prison, this treatment is wrong. Most of the public really has no clue what is going on. I'd like to put a link on my website to direct people here. I also compose piano music that is found on some of the posts that express the pain I feel, knowing the pain he feels. There is a post about having 2 mom's and you can find music there. Jamie has been in and out of ad seg in 2 year stretches. I know how hard that has been. It is hard to comprehend decades. My heart and my strength goes out to him with the confidence that this will be over. Sonni Quick

Renée Silverstein said...

Thank you sonni, Tommy appreciates the support I can not mention names of prisoners or prisons when I write him the censors don't allow it, guess they think they are keeping the world safe.

motio gslvan said...

Look my view on prison life goes completely against Tom silversteins lets say our belief on politics don't mesh....but there is a Time when isolation becomes torture and there are a select group of people who are being tortured right here in the good old so called free world...stop all s.h.u and adx program's...

Renée Silverstein said...

Thank you motio, I missed this and I so appreciate your comment. And agree wholeheartedly with what you said